Friday, 12 August 2016

A Decent Nights Sleep

To day has how ever decended into one of those days I dreaded.

Got DB up around 11am, washed, shaved and hair washed. Into the sitting room. He felt sick, laid him back in the chair and waited for the dizzy which I knew of old would follow. He ate his lunch and then said he felt as if he was going to pass out. I managed to get him into bed before he did, more by luck than judgement..........I know I cannot cope with this on my own, had he passed right out he would have taken me with him to the floor.

Just been to check on him, appears to be asleep. I will have to wake him around 3 pm for his injection.

I was going to go into the garden, but changed my mind, feet up reading for a while, I have to do macaroni cheese for supper with tomato and celery salad, might do that to get it out of the way.


DB got up for his supper was back in bed straight after, again I had to get him from the sitting room into bed. I am exhausted. I have just been out to water the garden, the blasted hose leaked and I am wet through to my knickers.

Fed up so going to bed.


  1. Oh, Anne. I am so sorry for the two of you that these dds along with passing out have become more frequent once more. Is the fainting a new component to this hassle?

    I hope you have a home blood pressure cuff so there can be a record of DB's BP when he feels faint. His BP may be falling too low, perhaps due to one of his medicines. Or not.

    You're certainly wise to stay close by but perhaps you can bake, sew, read, or nap and still be available if needed.

    Big hugs!

  2. And its Friday. I so feel for you.

  3. Caregiving is exhausting. I sure hope you get some much needed help.

  4. I hope your care package gets set up soon. Please don't hesitate to call your Dr or an ambulance - I know you will be the best person to judge when extra medical help may be needed for your DH.

  5. It certainly seems like DB should have not been discharged home. If he does not belong in the hospital surely they should have sent him to a nursing home for rehab to get him back on his feet without fear of him passing out. How on earth did they justify sending him home.

    Isn't the hospital required to give the patient a care plan that indicates how his needs will be met etc. and someone to call in the event things are not working out.

    I do hope you received some support from the district nurse when she came and not just put off. Your local GP sounds like he has a good head on him perhaps he can get you the needed help or help you with the next step on helping DB on the road to recovery. You also are very sensible and I know will get on the phone and do what you have to.

    I feel so very bad for you during this difficult time. The last thing we want to happen is for you to go down helping DB.

    Take care. Many of us who read you blog are concerned and worried for you and DB.

  6. I'm so sorry for you Annr, it's hard to believe they have left you to cope with this on your own, but unfortunately the hospital have seen you as DBs carer and have thought it deemed for DB to go home knowing you will be there to look after him,it's bad I know, but that's the way the health service operates, you will have to tell them you cannot cope and kick up a fuss to get the appropriate help,it shouldn't have to be like this,but it's the only way they will listen!
    Take care X

  7. Keep asking for help. It is out there, I have been through all this. Was there no offer of a half way house after leaving the hospital. We have one our way called The Beacon, my elderly dad went in. Thank God you are in a bungalow! Take care of yourself, and try and carve out a little me time, i know it is not easy. Xx


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