Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Installing the wet room Day one

The chap came just after 9 am. Started unloading all the stuff, we are getting a new wash basin as well.

We nipped into town to Morrison and then took DB for a haircut, home by lunch time.

Returned to find the bathroom in the garden.......a lot of banging and crashing going on. The carpet in the hall is covered as is part of the sewing room, the tray for the shower is in and we have a hole in the wall for the extractor fan.

DB went for his siesta, I nipped off to see the hairdresser and get my hair cut, had it cut short at the back.... Much cooler.

Physio came to see DB she has given him some exercises for his knee and numb thumb.....

I spent half an hour working on a block for the Christmas workshops in October and November. I could not quite remember how it went, have sussed it ok. I just have to sort out the star block for place mats. Both are made with 2 1/2" strips.

It's been another very warm day, we are expecting rain later, we need it.

I failed again at the Morrison plant stall, 2 plants jumped into the basket again. I am going to have to stop going to that shop. I seem to be able to resist them in all the other stores except Morrison.......

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Royal Visit

It's been another scorcher. I did a quick wiz round with the dyson and blew the dust off, cleaned the kitchen floor.

We had an earlier lunch and DB went for his siesta, just before he was due to get up the chaps arrived to put down the concrete, no point staying in bed with the racket going on.

SIL arrived late as usual, tea/coffee and cake, chatted for a while and then they were given a tour of the estate. Everything inspected garden and bungalow before they departed for the rest of their journey to Cambridge. Comments about the two silver cups on the dresser, she thought they were DB's he had great pleasure in telling her they were mine. I had put the quilt on the bed for her to see.

DB seems ok, he has not had a dizzy for 3 days, fingers crossed, although he has admitted to being tired now. He is not as well as he thinks he is......

It's very warm this afternoon, could do with the fan on in the sitting room.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Lovely washing day

The sun is out but there is a fair breeze a great day for laundry. Mine was out by 10 am just about to fetch it in and fold it, hopefully I will only have the pillow cases to press.

DB is more or less back to what he was, his left knee is causing him some problems, and he was moaning yesterday that his left thumb was numb, try saying that with a mouthful of biscuit. He is having his siesta. Fingers crossed no dizzies for the last 2 days. He does get tired, but is eating very well. I made a pot of scotch broth at lunch time, he really enjoyed that, enough for tomorrow and to put in the freezer for later.

As SIL is coming tomorrow I decided to lay the fire, it makes it look a bit more presentable,  ready to light if we need it.

Part Monday clean done, just the wash hand basin in the bathroom, no point in doing the bath it will be in the garden on Wednesday!! toilet done. Bed remade, bedroom dusted and the dyson over the carpet and also the hall carpet.

Sliced the bread I made yesterday for lunch, I slice the whole thing, then lay out what we do not use on trays and open freeze for about 20 minutes then parcel it all up and stick it in the top drawer of the kitchen freezer. I just take out what we need a slice or two at a time, defrost it and thats it. Bread stays nice and fresh.

Off to get the laundry in and iron the pillow cases, will get DB to help me fold the sheet when he gets up. I doubt it will need ironing. The rest of the laundry will get folded up and put away.

I have been looking at some stainless steel shelving from Ikea, its wider and taller than the wooden shelves I have now, they would take more of my stuff. DB could have one of the sets of shelves for the shed and I could recycle the other set. We will see.........

Sunday, 28 August 2016


Another late morning waking up, breakfast in bed, OH had melon, yogurt and croissant with jam. I just had the melon and croissant.

A bit of dittering about, we had not been up long when the bell went, I knew it would be our friends from round the corner, so an hour eating chocolate biscuits and drinking coffee them, and just tea for us, not long since we had out breakfast.

I gave them some more veg to take home. I think the climbing beans are nearing the end, not so many to pick today, but a lot of the french beans which I either leave whole of cut in half and steam.

After our friends left we went into the garden, OH was weed spotting, I was doing the mucky end digging out the weeds. Yesterdays rain has softened the ground a bit so not too hard to get the weeds out.

After DB had his siesta yesterday I laid on the bed myself, managed an hour or so sleep before thunder and rain lashing at the front windows woke me, it was very dark had to put the lights on for half an hour or more.

We were forecast more rain today, apart from a few spots when we were in the garden its is fine, sun breaks through then it clouds over and looks as if we are in for a downpour. Its been like that all morning.

Veg prepped for supper. We are having roast pork, roast spuds and courgette, with green beans, carrot and a couple of small bits of cauli. DB's appetite is beginning to come back, he cleared his plate last night and had a banana and cream for dessert.

Tomorrow I will strip the bed and put clean sheets etc on, I also have a small coloured load I want to do. Will then do the toilet and our bedroom, no point doing the bathroom when they are coming to haul the bath out on Wednesday. Will leave the sitting room and kitchen till Tuesday morning ready for our royal visit!! Might get the ironing done tomorrow whilst DB is having his siesta.

DB has gone for his siesta, I am going to relax in DB's relaxer chair till he gets up. I could do with one for myself, but they are too expensive and also I do not have room for one.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Saturday and I am crackered

Late waking this morning, so later getting breakfast. DB got himself up, he is not using his stick in the house and seems to be walking with more confidence.

I shoved the Dyson round this morning, cleared out some rubbish, DB did some of his jigsaw, but said it was making him dizzy keep looking up and down.

After lunch he went for his siesta, I used his relaxa chair, would have drifted off had it not been for a gang of children shouting on the front, by the time I got up and closed the window they had gone and I was wide awake again.

Toad in the hole for supper, we had some of the fruit in jelly after lunch, so will have a banana and ice cream for dessert tonight. Home grown veg with it.

It was fine this morning, but its turned quite cool, first time I have had a cardigan on for several weeks, its a bit bbrrrrrrrrrr.

Friday, 26 August 2016


This morning I managed to spill coffee on the duvet, its on the line having been through the washer, It will go back on the bed later.

I took DB to the library at Bingham this morning, dropped him off at the top of the path, he was sitting waiting for me when I got there having parked the car.

He managed to walk all the way back to the car. I took the shopping trolly to put the books in, really good idea, just put the books in a popped it in the boot.

As we turned into the bungalows there was a very large lorry in front of the house. The chaps had come to replace the soil and tarmac the road. We have to wait for the concreting gang who will repair the path near the house and the pavement.

Phone call from the local hospital we have been referred to the WRVS to see if they can help re sitting whilst I go out. Once DB recovers his confidence he will be ok, he knows what to do if he starts to feel dizzy.

Its a fine, warm day there is a breeze which prevents it from feeling too hot, DB may sit in the garden once he has had his siesta.

I am trying to stuff protein down him, we had beans with last nights cheese pie, so he finished them off on toast for his lunch with a few grapes for dessert. He is having fish with mash, home grown carrots and french beans, with mustard sauce. I have made a mixed fruit jelly which is setting in the fridge right now.

I will be sitting with my feet up when he goes for his siesta reading a free copy of a magazine which has just arrived....I need it.

May be back later.

Thursday, 25 August 2016


Raining first thing then it cleared up.

DB up around 10 am. The occupational health lady came closely followed by the nurse. DB is to get physio for his leg and we are getting a surround for the toilet and also a chair for the shower.....

I had a parcel to get away, sorted it out to go by Parcel Force 24 hours, so it would get to its destination tomorrow.

Took it to our local post office, they could not accept it, they are only a sub office It needed to go to the main post office in town!!

I gave DB his lunch and saw him into bed with strict instructions not to get out until I got back. I was lucky managed to park outside the PO and the chap carried the parcel in for me, so thats it away. I then hurtled round Lidl to get fresh fruit and salad stuff we do not have in the garden and raced home. DB had been awake about 10 minutes. Phew......

Shopping all put away and a very welcome cup of started to rain whilst I was on my way home, it seems to have stopped again. It is very close out, not nice. I have the back and front doors open to get some air through.

We still have the holes in the garden and road. I hope they come tomorrow to fill them in, otherwise it will be Tuesday before they get done, Monday is a bank holiday here.

DB wants me to take him to the library in Bingham.......that will be interesting, just see how far he can really walk with a stick.....

Obviously I was unable to go to the quilting group this afternoon. Lynne will keep every one on the straight and narrow, they were making scissor cases. Madam college lecturer was taking the class.

No plans for the weekend, just to take life easy before the storm....I am not doing the Friday clean no point its all going to be messed up again next week.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Well it all happens here...... yesterday afternoon I had a phone call from the hospital, would I have DB home if they put a package in place. Well tell me what the package is and I will think about it.

The lady phoned back half an hour later......the Drs feel that DB does not need to be an in patient, he can have a rehab package at home and the nurses will do 2 visits a day to monitor I reluctantly agreed.......... come in at 6.30 he will be ready to go home.

So I went in at 6.30 to be greeted by DB saying I am not ready the Dr has not done the letters and there is a query on the medication, well I will not dwell on things, but I ended up throwing not just my toys but the nappy as well out of the pram....we eventually got away at I am not supposed to drive at night, we traveled home at 40mph and walked in the door at 9.30. Drink of tea and got him ready for bed, Nurses came just as he was getting in, did the check and said night night.

Neither of us slept very well, it was so close, I had another go with the gravel......

I woke just after 7am DB was awake, shortly afterwards a bleep bleep in the road and the chaps arrived to put the gas supply in. They finished at lunch time, someone will come in the next couple of days to put the garden back to rights. I phoned the council and told them the installation was done, so now we have to wait for the heating engineers to come out.

The day nurse came just as I was getting the bread out to do tuna , cucumber and mayo sarnies for lunch.

DB went for his siesta, I nipped down to the post office whilst he was sleeping, put my head down myself when I got back. No afternoon tea, it was too late when I woke up, so just a drink of orange and lemonade.

Bacon fritatta for supper just going to do a small side salad for DB, I have frangipane tart for dessert with some ice cream.

So thats it....I have my cap and apron back on, I am still waiting for the sitting service, no chance of me going to the quilt group tomorrow, no one to stay with DB whilst I go. Will have to have something in place for next month though. 

Its been over hot today, I am glad our sitting room does not get too hot, the sun moves round to the back during the day. I have the front door on the safety chain open to allow a breeze through the house.

I hope we sleep better tonight and that the nurses are not too late coming.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


I woke at 7am, wondered if there was a poltogist in the house, footsteps doors creaking.....door was the bathroom the wind was making it swing, I looked out of the curtains and a chap unloading a lorry onto the front lawn. Things for the gas board to start in the it looks like a busy few weeks.

I have to empty the airing cupboard, so when I get back from the hospital I am clearing the tables in the sewing room and putting the things from the airing cupboard onto the tables.

Step son said DB was a bit depressed, I am not surprised, he is in a two bedded ward on his own, they forget he is there, twice they have forgotten to order his meals........I have my war paint on, I want some answers......

I am trying to get a photograph to load its not playing ball just now.

My little machine is all packed up and ready to go when the cash hits my account...... still waiting.

                            As you can see the gas man cometh.

Went in to see DB, he had a slight dizzy before I got there, but managed to shave his beard with me supporting him in the bathroom. Took him clean jammies etc. I will go again on Thursday.

May be I should explain about the meals. There is a server for each ward, they go round and take the orders from each patients meals, the orders are then sent by email to the kitchen which is off site. The meals come back ready to be re-heated in microwaves before being served to the patients. DB ordered salmon and salad last night, he said the salmon had no taste and the hollandaise sauce was just a big lump on the side of the plate, He was glad I took him stuff in on Sunday. Some of the meals are ok but most of them are pretty awful. Something else I will be complaining about when he gets out.

He has accepted that he has to wait for a bed to become free at Melton. Apparently the only free beds are at St Lukes just now.

Our neighbour across the road is home, collected yesterday, he had a urine infection which was causing the problem, he is quite week but glad to be home.

It occurred to me that I should take a picture of our bathroom as it is so here goes......

To the right is the airing cupboard, then the mini bath which DB cannot sit in his legs are too long and the wash hand basin, the bath will disappear and a walk in shower will replace it, the floor will be covered with a non slip waterproof covering. The area round the shower to the wash basin will be tiled and there will be a weighted curtain round the shower. When the heating goes in it will go in the airing cupboard. I have to empty everything out ready for them to start next week. Will not be doing any sewing will not be able to get into the sewing room for the stuff from the airing cupboard!! I was actually standing in the doorway when I took the photo.

I have emptied the airing cupboard, its all in the sewing room. I guess the mess is going to get worse before it gets better!! There may also a a complication, more of that later. The parcel is the  machine I sold yesterday, I have to get it picked up for delivery.

Monday, 22 August 2016


Had a mad dash to he Drs surgery this morning. I had forgotten to renew my script. I have to go down later and collect it from the chemist.

DB phoned he will know this afternoon if he is getting moved, said he was walking better.

Laundry done, dried and folded. Monday clean done, moved the bed to clean the back of the brass headboard and the skirting. Moved it back. It moves quite easily on the carpet.

Read the meters and sent the readings off. Had my lunch, now sitting with my feet up waiting to hear from the hospital. The chaps are coming to look at the bathroom later and hopefully the gas people will be putting the gas supply in later this week. I would love to get the work done whilst OH is out of the mess.

SIL is making noises to come and see OH in a  couple of weeks, I just hope he is still in hospital.

Nothing much else to report, my lap top is poorly, so having to use the  I pad.

Maybe more later depends on the news from the hospital.


Well computer fixed and also OH's cost me £60 but well worth it. OH was told he was going to St Lukes at Market Harborough, Oh no he isn't Melton or nowhere. I phoned and discovered that the bed at Melton was cancelled, so they have had to re-apply. No way was I travelling cross country almost 35 miles each way on slow country roads........tough they should not have cancelled the Melton bed. So I guess I will be going to LRI in the morning.

Council chaps have been, shower etc is being installed next week as a matter of urgency, we have shot to the top of the list. The gas installation should be finished by 30th of the month, so then the heating can go in. Hooray!!

Have not done anything this afternoon, just kept the computer engineer company whilst he worked on the computers.

I have just had chicken korma for my supper.......delicious.

Update update.

I have just sold my little Janoome sewing machine I bought when I had to sell my Janome 12000. Its going to Cornwall. A much needed boost to our finances,

Sunday, 21 August 2016


When I switched on my laptop it went into some sort of update, I have lost everything. Aarrgghhhh


A busy day in prospect, going to see my quilting friend this morning, then to see DB on my way back, DD2's for supper and home ...relax.

I am rather stiff this morning, but it will work off. At least the garden is looking something like and we have got rid of all those skeletons that had been eaten by the caterpillars.

It was a big grey when I woke, but the sun is trying to come out, so could be a decent day again, it's a lot cooler though, I had to get up and put a pair of socks on, my feet were freezing.

Time to get my body out of bed and sort myself out, have a pile of bags in a the hall ready to go out n the car.

Back later.

Saturday, 20 August 2016


I waited for C to come but she was late so left a note on the front door. Off to the hospital again. Whilst I was away she weeded the front borders.

DB was sitting out and we had a chat before his lunch arrived, asparagus soup and egg mayo sandwiches. He was a lot brighter today, was obviously having a bad day on Thursday. Has asked for his puzzle book to be taken in, he is getting fed up with reading.

He then developed a dizzy, so got him onto the bed and decided to come home, I will go in again tomorrow afternoon on my way back from my quilting friends. I am going to DD2's for supper.

Laundry in the washer and dry, folded ready to go back. The wind sure is blowing a hoolie. I had to move the sweet peas they kept blowing over.

C came back just after 4pm she dug out everything that needed to be dug out, then we started to dig out the weeds. The rain we had yesterday has done very little to soften the soil. We worked side by side through the veg garden and then the herbaceous border.

I picked beans and french beans, pulled rhubarb, beetroot, carrots and leeks. Have bags ready in the hall to take tomorrow, there is far too much for me to eat on my own.

Just had lamb salad and a banana for my supper. Do not think I will have a job sleeping, I need to take pain killers for my back or I will have a job moving in the morning.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Congratulations Ilona

Ilona won her catagory in shed of the year, will she win the title.???


and its raining!!! at last the gentle but steady rain we need for the garden...........

Phoned to see how DB was this morning, they said he was ok and sitting out of bed. I really hope that step son gets to speak to the Dr. It will be Monday before I get a chance.

Friday clean done, have also done a quick wash, its in the dryer. When DB collapsed they managed to tear a button off one of his shirts. I am going to see if I can repair it.

I did managed to clean the back door frame inside and out before it started raining the windows will have to wait for a fine day. I also need to get the sweep in to sweep the chimney. We do have some coal to use up, then I intend to sweep the chimney and take out the grate, replace it with an electric fire that fits into the space rather than stands proud of the opening.

Not decided what to have for supper, what ever it is will have to be with beans and courgette, I have a bag full I should have taken to DD2 yesterday, I forgot. I am going to have to write a list of everything I need to take when I go on Sunday for my supper.

Our neighbour across the road was taken into hospital this morning, he has not been well for a while, I will go over in a bit and see if there is anything I can do. Her son lives in Derbyshire, I guess he will be over later.

I need to do some financial giggling around. As long as DB is in Leicester hospital it is costing me a fortune in diesel and car parking. Once they get him to Melton its just diesel, the car park is free. I am praying that a bed become available sooner rather than later.

I have the back door open, its raining a little harder now, but not so hard that the cracks in the ground will not take it......I will have to watch for the puddle developing at the door step.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

That which was lost... is found!!!

Watered the garden last night, hopefully for the last time just now, rain is forecast for tomorrow.

As I watered the front garden I realised that there was a fine net over some of the plants at the far side......yes!! the net I lost the other night. So it was carefully unravelled and then put over the lavender and the ground where the cats were defecating  result, this morning, no scratched earth on the path!! result.....

I have been thinking quite a bit about how to make the garden less labour intensive, I am going to dig out the plants and bulbs in the front. I will put the bulbs in pots for now, then weed kill the ground and cover with weed suppressing mat and pebbles, planting through the suppressant. Hopefully that will help to keep the ground reasonably weed free. If I do see weeds growing they need to be taken out by hand straight away.

I saw my neighbours gardener yesterday, I asked her about the back, she is coming to see me on Saturday and we will discuss what we can do there. I want to grass another large piece and just have 4 raised beds. If necessary I will have the whole lot grassed apart from where the fruit bushes are and go from there.

I have my pelvic XRay this morning, am going on to DD2's she is coming with me to see DB this afternoon. I phoned last night and he was ok. They are trying a different medication for his dizzies, so far it is not working, once again I think they are barking up the wrong tree but we will see. I need to put fuel in the car again.

It was a misty start to the morning, and it is quite cool with a breeze, autumn will soon be here.

Look for an update later................

DD2 and I went in to see DB this afternoon. I am very concerned about him, he is looking very frail. He has lost a lot of weight and says the hospital meals are rubbish, he has no appetite. I am hoping they get him to melton as soon as possible, he needs a lot of building up.

DD2 made pasta bol for supper and we had a wafer ice cream for dessert, will not need much more to eat tonight.

Day off tomorrow. Step son is going so I will visit on Saturday and Sunday. Then need to sort out visiting next week if he is still in the Royal.

Its been another very warm day again, its supposed to rain after lunch tomorrow so I need to get laundry washed early so it dries. I have a couple of jobs to do, but will have a break between for a sit down and a cup of tea.

Off to make myself a cuppa and put my feet up for a while.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Wednesday The riddle of the lost net???

Yesterday I got fed up with the cats using our front garden for their toilet, I went and fetched some netting to put over the plants to try and stop them. I forgot to take the brush, put down the net and the pegs, when I came back the net had disappeared, no sign of it anywhere........where did the net go?????

This morning I went in to see DB, my step son told me last night that DB with a dizzy sometime yesterday, tried to get on to his bed, missed and passed out trapped between the chair and the wall. No one could see him, he was at the far side of the bed and there were only 4 beds in the bay. It was only when a nurse came in to another patient they found him. Heaven knows how long he has been there.

The Drs wanted to send him home, he told them no way, I am not fit enough to look after him in his present state. In fact if they try to I will refuse to have him home. After 8 years I need a break. I really need him to go to rehab, give me a bit of breathing space.

DB started with another dizzy whilst I was there, I got him onto the bed, decided there was no point in staying, so went and told the nurses at the station and came home, so an hour and a half journey there and back £1,50 to park for 35 minutes and I was back at home.
I am going back tomorrow with DD" but not till the afternoon.

The washer is on, PJ's to wash and a shirt, will take them back tomorrow. He needs enough stuff to last till Saturday.

I phoned the council this morning about the shower and the heating, I am still waiting for them to ring me back........whats new???

Need to pick beans will have some with my supper, I have a couple of frozen yorkshire puds going to have them with some sausage and veg. Any spare will go to DD2.

Its another nice day, the weather is due to break up on Friday so will have to get what washing I can done and dried before Friday.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


No visiting today, step son is going tonight, so I have had the day at home.

Managed to get a few things done, towels washed and on the line, bathroom and bedroom cleaned, I disturbed an enormous spider but the damn thing scuttled away before I could do anything about it. Cleaned down the windows and front door frames, swept up the mess the cats made in the garden. Ironed the bedding from Sunday.

After lunch I sat reading for a while, then prepped my supper, fritatta with veg.

Picked more beans and courgette, passed them over the hedge to my neighbours, they are vegetarians, so appreciate our excess.

I rang to enquire about DB, he is waiting for a bed at our local hospital it will be much easier for me to visit there and less expensive, for a start we do not have to pay for parking. Less to spend on fuel either. I will go in to see him tomorrow morning, then DD2 is going with me on Thursday, I will pick her up after lunch and then have supper with her when we get back.

Had a long chat with Cotton Reel last night, a bit different putting the world to rights over the phone rather than in person!!

Its been another warm day, glad I was in the cool, it looks like we might get rain at the weekend, I know we need it badly.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Thank you

To all of you who have sent me messages regarding DB and his problems. It has boosted me so much at what is a very worrying time. The support has been very much appreciated.

I rang the hospital tonight, the message I got back was that his medicines had been sorted out and his pins and needles had gone.

I am not going in tomorrow, there are a few jobs I want to get done, tomorrow will be a good time to do them. 

I was horrified to find that DB has lost almost 7 kilos in the last 3 weeks. I know he was only eating small meals at home, and he said the breakfast was the best meal of the day. The cooked meal in the evening was rubbish most of the time.

I did myself some fish and had it with some salad. I knew I bought a cucumber at the weekend, could not find the blessed thing, eventually found it in the shopping bag I had put back in the car. It was a bit warm, but otherwise ok.


I did go in to see DB last night, he was on a ward in double quick time, no hanging about this time.

Went back this morning, he was sitting out, has seen the Dr. He will be in for a few days they are then hoping to get him to Melton for re-hab. They are going to take him off the injections and put him on a different medication for his blood thinning. They are also going to see if they can find something to keep the dizzies under control. 

I called at Melton on the way home, he needed another pair of jim jams, I had to send a pair to the CS they were too small. 

Did a quick load of laundry including the new jamas, all drying on the line.

I was really exhausted last night so apart from a couple of times I opened my eyes I slept till 8.45 am. I am not going to the hospital tomorrow. Step son is going, so I will go on Wednesday and then take DD2 on Thursday afternoon.

Sunday, 14 August 2016


Started off a good day, has now gone downhill fast.

DB complained about dizziness at lunch time, he then lost the use down his left side again, so is now on his way back to LRI. I knew that he was not fit to be discharged last week.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Windy Saturday

Well if nothing else I got two lines of laundry dried this morning.

DB stayed in bed until around 10.30. I got him up and washed him, he has just had his lunch, poached egg on toast and rice pudding, dizzy started so got him into bed.

Step son is coming this afternoon so I can go shopping, decided to go to Melton, DB likes the yogurt from Morrison, I will then go to Lidl and get the rest of what I need. I want to be ready to go as soon as he comes, he has an appointment at 4.30 and its a good 3/4 of an hours journey.

Since I had my gall bladder out some 25 years ago I occasionally get bits of what the Dr calls grit, its blooming painful, true to form I woke at 3am in quite a bit of pain, it eventually wore off, but it took me a while to get back to sleep again.

Done nothing this morning except hang out the laundry and then bring it in and fold it ready to go away. The sky is greyish but we have quite a strong wind again, the laundry dried in double quick time.

I did water the garden last night, got soaked through to my knickers, the blooming hose leaked. I need to have a look at it. I also cut the stems on the sweet peas, I am getting sick of cutting them now and the smell is beginning to bother me too.

Step son arrived on time. DB was still asleep so I left him to it and went shopping. Arrived home in time to see a van outside the bungalow, the Red Cross delivering the bed handle for DB, its been fitted. Our friends from round the corner had also called to see DB, so step son was busy making tea etc.

Every one left, just me and DB, gave him his injection, he was a bit light headed so put his relaxa chair flat for a while.

All the shopping put away,  time for a tincture, well a glass of coke for me and lemonade for DB.

Today has been slightly better, I must admit it was nice to get out, even if it was only for a short time.

The proms tonight is Gershwin night, will be watching that, need to get my posh frock on and union jack ready to wave.

Pork and bean casserole for supper with Home Grown, spuds, green beans and carrots. DB can have yogurt for dessert.

The white sweet peas going up the arch.

Friday, 12 August 2016

A Decent Nights Sleep

To day has how ever decended into one of those days I dreaded.

Got DB up around 11am, washed, shaved and hair washed. Into the sitting room. He felt sick, laid him back in the chair and waited for the dizzy which I knew of old would follow. He ate his lunch and then said he felt as if he was going to pass out. I managed to get him into bed before he did, more by luck than judgement..........I know I cannot cope with this on my own, had he passed right out he would have taken me with him to the floor.

Just been to check on him, appears to be asleep. I will have to wake him around 3 pm for his injection.

I was going to go into the garden, but changed my mind, feet up reading for a while, I have to do macaroni cheese for supper with tomato and celery salad, might do that to get it out of the way.


DB got up for his supper was back in bed straight after, again I had to get him from the sitting room into bed. I am exhausted. I have just been out to water the garden, the blasted hose leaked and I am wet through to my knickers.

Fed up so going to bed.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Oh What A Day

Not a bad night, DB went to bed just after 8pm and slept till I went to bed. Had a drink and a biscuit, played a couple of games on the I pad and then settled down.

Woke once in the night when I went to the loo.

He got up after breakfast but was soon back in bed again. I decided I had enough so phoned and asked our GP to come out and see him, which he did. I have to say he is a fabulous Doctor he sat and talked over with me what had happened to DB and more to the point how I was.....he is arranging for an Xray of my hips, and has also contacted Social Services about some one to sit with DB so I  can go shopping etc. He has also written to the Professor DB is under for his heart.

I opened up the lap top this morning to find it had done an update and a load of my stuff was missing crucially the buttons from the task bar.....aarrggggg I have spent ages trying to sort things out.

DB is sleeping, he complained of headache, so had tablets....just cooking some salmon for his tea with a small side salad. No lemon so had to use just a spot of white vinegar in the stock.

Going to put my feet up and read for an hour or so until DB is ready for a drink.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My Birthday...Don''t Make Me Laugh

The hospital rang me at 3.15 pm to say that DB was being taken down to the discharge lounge. At 6.20 pm DB rang me to say he was still there and would have to wait up to another 2 hours before he got brought home!! I jumped in the car and went to fetch him.

Omce home, a cup of tea and bed. Apart from waking once for the toilet he slept through to just after 8 am, so a reasonable night. Had breakfast in bed then got up, washed and dressed. A short walk up the garden with his stick. 

We had a visit from the district nurses, they took notes of all that had been going on. 

Soup with bread and yogurt for his lunch and then he went for a rest. Got up and promptly had a dizzy......I told the hospital I did not want him home till they got to the bottom of why they had started again, do they take any notice NO!! I just cannot cope any more....I have had 8 years of this and I am fed up. Just a brief period whilst he was dizzy and palp free and now we are back at square one.

The nurses came to give DB his injection, they are coming earlier tomorrow so the weekend staff can give him his injection at 1 pm. Well I have news for them, after the weekend I am going to take over and give them to him at 6pm which is the time the Dr specified.

DB appears to have fought off the dizzy, only took him an hour and a half.......of course I can waste an hour and a half whilst he gets over it. We will soon be engulfed in hospital visits again......just like we were years ago.

Holiday to France chance of a holiday anywhere whilst he is like this.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Two weeks today since DB went in to hospital, I will see what they say about him coming out tomorrow......

Yesterday was warm even with a stiff breeze blowing. I managed to scalp the grass, hopefully it will not grow too quickly and need doing again. Its another bright morning despite the forecast, seems a gentle breeze blowing.

Did not get any sewing done yesterday, nor did I take the car round to the garage, will call on my way out today and ask them to look at it tomorrow. If DB does come out he will get brought home.

Plan for today apart from going in to see DB, sit and rest. I am going to need all my energy when and if DB comes home. I can see my nursing skills being called into action again, its years since I gave anyone a bed bath!!

When I spoke to the chap at the council yesterday I told him we really did not want a wet room, removing the bath and replacing it with a shower unit would be enough. I want to keep the seperate toilet. May be that will bring that forward too, fingers crossed. Our need is urgent if I am to care for DB at home.


Well DB is on his way home, he has been discharged, they rang just after 3pm to say he was being taken to the discharge lounge to wait to be collected. I hope he does not have to wait too long, its now 5pm hopefully he will not be too much longer.

I had the support worker here this afternoon checking on our various medical conditions, she has to update DB's. The district nurses are coming from tomorrow to give  him his injection, which I think, will continue for quite a while.

So now I need to get the white apron and cap out.......

Monday, 8 August 2016


Goodness its cold this morning, quite a wind as well, the laundry I put out an hour or so ago, is dry, even thick things. The sky is very grey, we really need rain.

Monday clean done, waiting to hear from DB after he has been seen by the Drs. I did ring the ward earlier, he has slept ok, (due no doubt to the residue of morphine in his system) he had eaten his breakfast. I have had to ring and cancel his appointment for the results of the scan for diverticulitis, will also have to cancel a cardiac appointment, I do not think he will be fit enough to go.

I need to put bread on, have almost run out of sandwich bread. I have salad to eat up so will do a cheese omelette for my supper. No idea what to have for lunch, may be soup, its cold enough for it.

Enjoyed my supper at DD2's it was good not to come home and have to start cooking. I need to wait in and see if Fridays parcels arrive. Tomorrow I must go to the library in Bingham and take our books back.

Step son going in to see his dad tonight, so day off for me. Might get some sewing done after lunch. Have not touched the machine for ages.


Had a phone call after lunch from the council, work to fit the central heating will start 24th August. Still waiting ti see re the bathroom.

DB phoned at lunch time, talk of him coming home on Wednesday.....well we shall see.

Sunday, 7 August 2016


DB rang just as I was thinking of going to bed. He had another episode after I left.

Rang this morning, he was in pain during the  night they gave him morphine and he slept until about 9am.

I fell asleep reading, woke about 3am, went to the loo and settled down again, finally woke just after 8 am. Did my breakfast and took it back to bed, got up at the back of 9 am. Have sorted out stuff to take for DB and also some stuff for DD2 to take to the charity shop for me, so PJ's which are too small for DB and a blouse of mine which is too tight.

Easy morning. Have cut into chunks and frozen the courgette which thought it was a marrow, will use it up in soup. DB has a penchant for asparagus soup, I will have to see if I can get any. I am not keen so if I can find individual packets that will go down well when he comes home.

Its bright but cooler, quite a strong breeze. Have sorted out laundry to do in the morning, will add what ever I have to bring back from the hospital. DB is in trouble, he left a paper tissue in his shirt pocket, I only found it when I went to hang out the laundry, all over everything in the washer.....aarrgghhhh, my fault for not checking.

Taken belly pork out of the freezer, not sure whether to roast it or make belly pork casserole, I have some black eye beans that need using up, could put those in.

I have done no sewing for ages, might get at the machine tomorrow. I am not going in to see DB step son is going after work. I will be on parade on Tuesday and Wednesday though.

I am going to take the car round to the garage in the morning get them to check the clutch, I could smell burning yesterday. Have decided to stop using Pasture Lane, but take the second road from Long Clawson, I have had a couple of narrow squeaks  on there this week. Getting caught behind the cows yesterday finished me off. Its a single track lane with passing places, some people use it as a race track.......

Right off, will do an update when I get back from DD2's tonight. The weather id use to cool down tomorrow, thank heavens, its so hot in the hospital even with the windows open. DB is in the ward at the top of the building, heat rises.....


DB was out of it, he has had two injections of morphine for the pain, I did manage some conversation with him, but not a lot. He was very sleepy. He did say he was not getting any more tonight unless he was really forced to. I sat and talked to him for 3/4 of and hour, not sure how much he heard. The Consultant is due to see him again tomorrow. I saw the registrar, both the head and chest scans were clear......

Lovely supper at DD2's. Leg of lamb, roasties green beans and buttered baby leeks, followed by strawberries and cream.

Have just landed home, going to make a cup of tea and slob for the rest of the evening.

Saturday, 6 August 2016


Bright morning with a decent breeze, laundry is on the line.

DB phoned. he did sleep last night, I suspect because he was exhausted, he did not get his bed moved despite me asking so I will be throwing the toys out the pram when I go in. Will be off in a few minutes. I need to cut the grass, so after I have had lunch it will be a full scale grass cut.

DB phoned, they got breakfast late and no tea again, it seems the domestics are off on a weekend.......why do they not arrange cover, or ask for volunteers to come in and serve drinks???? I have the bag packed with things DB asked for. I do it as soon as I get in then I do not forget anything.

Need to go to the garage and put fuel in the car, the little man with the petrol pump in his hand came on last night, so will have to go via Melton. Cheapest fuel is at Tesco. I have dome over 600 miles this week travelling backwards and forwards.


Not a good day, got caught behind cows going up the hill on pasture lane, was afraid I might burn the clutch out. When I got to the hospital DB had just been found collapsed in the toilet, no one knew how long he had been there, the Dr was with him so I had to fill him in with what had been happening. Complaints of pain in his head and right side. They gave him paracetamol, he managed to choke on one of them, it was a quick haul him forward and thump on the back, thankfully it shot out. I ended up staying for 3 hours instead of one. He was brighter when I left, waiting to go down for yet another brain scan.

Back home I mowed the front lawns, dropped the mower to its lowest setting and scalped it. Hope it recovers before DB gets home.It was hot work. I had to have a sit down. I will water the garden when its a bit cooler, the breeze is the only thing stopping it from being just too hot.

R called to see how DB was, J has problems with her leg, she cannot stand.

I thawed and reheated some stew and had it for my supper. DD2 rang to remind me about supper tomorrow. I am going in to the hospital after lunch, and then on to her for my supper.

I did phone to see how DB was, he had his scan, nothing seen. I think the pain is coming from his neck. They said he was stable which I know means nothing!! He may ring me later.

Friday, 5 August 2016


Another bad night, lay awake a long time. It was dull when I got up but the sun keeps coming and going.

I have to wait in for a delivery which I am told will be with my by 6pm tonight, could not give me a time closer then that. Spent ages trying to get through to the ward to left DB know. When I finally did get through he had gone down for a second scan. So had to leave a message with the ward clerk to get him to phone me. Obviously I am hoping that the parcels come sooner rather than later, otherwise I will be driving home in the dark.

Had to water part of the garden, may well have to get up early tomorrow morning and water the whole garden if it does not rain, have also fed the tomato's and flicked the duster round the sitting room, hoovered the carpet and swished the kitchen floor.

Decided to cook lunch, especially if the delivery does not come till later. I can have something on toast later.

Had quite a long message from my step son last night, the thinking seems to be that DB might come home after the weekend. I need to see about that. I cannot have him home unless he is mobile. At least he has not had any further black outs, which is a relief. He is going to have to have heparin for quite a while after he gets home, it would appear that the warfarin is not strong enough to stop the clots forming.

Will post an update after I have been in later.


DB will not be coming home until at least the middle of the week, they want to make sure the clot has dissolved. He was much brighter tonight but rather stressed by the patient in the next bed. He is very disruptive, there has to be someone sitting with him all the time. He is quite violent. DB has not slept for 2 nights, I asked to get him moved so that he could get some rest. I am going in tomorrow morning, I will be asking questions if he has not been moved.

Thursday, 4 August 2016


I am at home today, my step son is going in to see his Dad tonight, so I am having a well deserved day off. although I have been busy.

I went to bed just after 9 pm last night, only lasted a few minutes before I was in slumberland, woke at 6 am but lay in until after 8.

Did the ironing from Monday first thing then after a cup of coffee down to the post office. Back I did an hours weeding in the herbaceous bed, my goodness the ground is cracking for want of rain and some of the weeds were huge. I came in for my lunch.

Decided to go back out after lunch, lasted 25 minutes before it started to rain, shut up shop and came in......rain did not last long the sun is out again and steam rising from the paths.

I phoned the hospital this morning DB was just having his breakfast. Had not heard anything by lunch time so rang again. He had just come back from having his chest scan and was eating his lunch, he has not had a dizzy today. No idea whats going on......but he is not coming home till he is sorted. my nerves will not stand it.

Got a bit of a mixed bag for my supper, bacon and courgette fritatta with new potato's and  green beans. I am picking about a lb of beans a day just now. Think DD2 will be getting some tomorrow for Sunday.

Have had to send all my details again for the car insurance they have lost everything...brilliant......was not sure if I still had the correspondence luckily found it in the car file, DB must have filed it away.

Right am going to sign off for now and have a nana nap, I think I deserve one, may be back later.


DB has been diagnosed with a clot in his lung, no idea what they are going to do about it, but it does explain the blackouts. I still do not know how someone on Warferin can get a clot, but there you are.


I am at home today, my step son is going in to see his Dad tonight, so I am having a well deserved day off. although I have been busy.

I went to bed just after 9 pm last night, only lasted a few minutes before I was in slumberland, woke at 6 am but lay in until after 8.

Did the ironing from Monday first thing then after a cup of coffee down to the post office. Back I did an hours weeding in the herbaceous bed, my goodness the ground is cracking for want of rain and some of the weeds were huge. I came in for my lunch.

Decided to go back out after lunch, lasted 25 minutes before it started to rain, shut up shop and came in......rain did not last long the sun is out again and steam rising from the paths.

I phoned the hospital this morning DB was just having his breakfast. Had not heard anything by lunch time so rang again. He had just come back from having his chest scan and was eating his lunch, he has not had a dizzy today. No idea whats going on......but he is not coming home till he is sorted. my nerves will not stand it.

Got a bit of a mixed bag for my supper, bacon and courgette fritatta with new potato's and  green beans. I am picking about a lb of beans a day just now. Think DD2 will be getting some tomorrow for Sunday.

Have had to send all my details again for the car insurance they have lost everything...brilliant......was not sure if I still had the correspondence luckily found it in the car file, DB must have filed it away.

Right am going to sign off for now and have a nana nap, I think I deserve one, may be back later.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Bright but windy morning, have a load of laundry on the line and towels in the washer.

Rang the hospital, just the usual platitudes, will not get anything else until I go in this afternoon, I did ask that they let him know I rang.

One of his partners from the bowls club rang to see how he was, gave her the up to date info.

Terrible night last night, just could not get off, I was drinking tea at 3am. I will be crackered tonight. want to get my supper ready for cooking as soon as I come back, then I can relax. Looks like an early night for me tonight, not much on that interests me after 9pm, so will have a slooch and an early night.


At the hospital this afternoon DB had a black out whilst I was there, lasted about 5 minutes. I saw the Dr, he is concerned that DB's left side is considerably weaker than his right, although he can now bend his leg. Phew it was hot in there, I swabbed him down with cold water, I could have done with doing myself too. The CT scan was clear, he has to have a scan of his lungs tomorrow and we are waiting for the report on the EEC. That could take a day or two depends on how busy the consultant is.

I managed to beat most of the traffic home. Its been a sunny but very windy day, I got two lots of washing dry, pj's from yesterday and some bits from the laundry basket. I also did the towels from the bathroom as well, a really good drying day.

I am very tired so am not going into the hospital tomorrow, my step son will go in on his way home from work and let me know how DB is when he gets home.

I had sausage mash, green beans and courgette for my supper, blancmange for dessert, I needed to use up some milk before it went sour.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016


We had rain last night, it has just wet the ground and no more. Its dull this morning and spitting with rain now. I have been out and collected beans and a courgette which is almost the size of a marrow.

I am off shortly to the hospital with clean jimjams etc,  I need to get a couple of things in Melton so will call in on the way.Will not be going at all tomorrow, I really need a break. DB will phone me after the Drs. have been in the morning and to put in his order for anything else he may need.

I will go to the coffee morning at the chapel, then the village will get an update without me having to do anything!!


I am back from the hospital, when I got there they were about to take DB for an EEG, he had already been for a CT scan. At sometime after 6am he appears to have had another stroke, his left hand was affected for a while, but his left leg was still unable to lift off the  bed.

He complained about headache last night but nothing was done about it apart from giving him paracetamol until this morning. He was quite upset when I got there but sat eating the lunch they had saved for him when I left. I am going in tomorrow afternoon later to see the Drs and see what the scans etc show.

Bang goes our holiday to France. I just cannot risk taking him out of the country. Would not be happy taking him anywhere here either for that matter. We will have to wait and see.

This I am not looking forward to...........

Monday, 1 August 2016


Bright morning with a breeze, I stripped the bed and remade it, the laundry is now dancing on the line. Have also done the Monday clean. I really need to get out into the garden there are a lot of weeds in the herbaceous bed. I can only do an hour at a time though.

Waiting ti hear from DB, the Drs should be round this morning, will know a bit more then.

Library van today, once I have my books I will be off to the hospital to visit depending on what the news is.

Phone call from the bowls chairman to see how DB is, our friends from round the corner came to see how he was too.

DB will not be coming home for at least another 4 - 5 days. The Dr today has taken him off the medication and asked for a chest X ray an EEC and another couple of scans. 

I went in at lunchtime and asked to see the Dr. It took over 2 1/2 hours to get one to see us. I made it very clear that I was not having DB home until they had discovered what the problem was and what treatment was available. I am going in again tomorrow morning to take in a few things he wants. I will not be going in again until Thursday. I need a break. I can keep in touch via the mobiles.

I brought washing home, which is now on the line, will take it back tomorrow. I need to go to Morrison on the way in tomorrow to gat DB another puzzle book and also he wants a new library book.

Just cooked myself an omelette and salad for my supper, cherry bakewell for dessert. Going to put my feet up and watch TV for a while.