Thursday, 28 July 2016

Yes he is, no he isn't

coming home that is. Rang this morning, I am coming home later today. Right.

Off to quilting group, phone call, no I am not coming home. They have moved me to another ward.

I went in after the group, they have moved him to a ward closer to the car park, thank heavens, not so far to walk.

The Doctors want to see how he reacts to the medication they have given him, so I will go in again tomorrow.

I have made arrangements to go to my friends, will have a sandwich with her and then visit OH on the way back. See whats what.

Its been a nice day, we did have a heavy down pour around midday but it did not last too long.

I need to chill, my visual learner was a bit of a pain today. I do feel sorry for the other girls I do not have the chance to do as much with them as I would like. I got a cushion cover 3/4's made. most of the ladies had got as far as the quilting stage, once the cover is quilted it is quite easy to finish.

I am only taking part of the class next month, one of the ladies is going to show us how to make a holder for 3 pairs of scissors. I am going to be in the class for a change. That will be interesting.

Off to empty the machine and slig the stuff on the line for an hour or so.

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