Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Will it Won't it?

Rain that is, the clouds keep scudding over and the sky darkening, but so far no rain. I am glad I did the three loads yesterday and got it all dry folded and put away. The bed linen from Sunday is still awaiting the iron!!

DB has unwound the hose pipe and laid it to the top of the garden so he can water the cauliflowers. He also has put the membrane down under the bins which stand outside the back gate, we just have to put the slate down.

I did an audit of the two freezers. Did my menu plan for July and wrote out my shopping list. I need to restock the emergency cupboard, everything has been brought into use now. So I must restock it. We plan to go to Aldi on Thursday, Morrison and Lidl will have to wait till we need to go into town again.

Not sure where the rest of the morning went, I nipped over to see our neighbour, we have not seen the window cleaner for ages, I thought she might know what has happened. I will have to go out with a brush and get all the cobwebs down from round the doors and windows, wash down the frames etc and clean the window, they are looking very grubby.

DB has gone for his siesta, I am about to put my feet up and cruise the internet for half an hour, then I too may have a Nana nap.

Late this afternoon there was the buzz of a hedge cutter. DB went out into the garden, our next door neighbour's gardener was cutting down the laurel hedge, she was having a problem reaching across, so DB offered for her to come round and do it from our side. She also cut it back, so suddenly my damp shady border has light.

So we now have a nice tidy hedge between us and our neighbour.

Yesterday I put the new mower together, no way could I sort out how the grass basket went, the gardener did it in 2 seconds flat. We can now cut the grass and hopefully it will give us a much better cut than the old one.

I did have 2 replies about the old mower, one chap wanted to know what my best price was, I told him the price that was on the advert,£15. I am blowed if I am going to give the thing away if I can get some cash for it.

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