Wednesday, 6 July 2016


DB off for his INR test this morning. When he got back we went round to the chapel for coffee as we do the first Wednesday of every month. There were 8 of us there this morning, so quite a chatty lot. June brought a new lady to the village who has moved in just round the corner.

Waiting for the new water barrel to be delivered due around lunch time. DB has gone for his siesta, we will have a go with the new mower when he gets up. He will do the back, I will do the front and see how we get on.

Nothing else planned for the day apart from our supper, sausages and mash.

I sent for some fabric from E bay, its not as good quality as I would like, but it will do for more of the zipper bags and tissue holders. I also got some gold Christmas fabric, I need to do a sample table runner for the group, thinking ahead to Christmas.

Fine morning, the sun keeps coming and going, the breeze makes it feel cooler.

The computer man was in the close this morning, I asked him about my Bit defender, I thought it was due at the end of this month, but its in the middle of August, need to give him a ring about 10 days before it runs out. I have to admit its very good, has saved me several times from nasty things being down loaded, I can upgrade to the latest version each year.


The grass has been cut both front and back in less than an hour!! We both had a go with the mower, so easy......DB went round and did the edges so we are all posh again, it looks so much better. I think we may have to cut the lawn every 8 - 10 days. One thing I do know is that they need some feed and weed on them, the front has a lot of clover in it as well as daisies.

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