Monday, 4 July 2016

Washday Monday

Thank you for the lovely comments about our garden. I am pleased with it, but it has been hard work, and its not really over, I have several plans in my head.

Fine sunny day, 3 loads of laundry done, 2 dried and put away, the third is towels I am just about to put out, they should dry fairly quickly, the Monday clean has also been done.

Sauce cooked for Spag Bol tonight with garlic bread, there is crumble left for dessert.

Chap has just been and turned the thermostat up on the water heater, so hopefully the water will stay hotter longer.

DB spent the morning cleaning the old mower, I have it on Gumtree, if it does not sell I will put it on freecycle. It still works fine and is ideal for someone with a small lawn, it just struggles with ours.

DB is having his siesta, the library van is due just after 2pm, so we should have enough books along with the ones from the library at Bingham to keep us going.

Someone mentioned that one of the clematis might be Mde Julie Corrvan I have checked and its the wrong colour, on the picture it looks red, but in fact is purple, so I will have to do a trawl, DB did list the clematis as I put them in at north View Close. We lost the labels when we moved them.

Sun is out and its very pleasant in the garden, we will have our afternoon tea out once the library van has been.

No sewing today........

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  1. As busy as your day has been, it's no wonder you didn't have time or energy to sew. The fabrics will keep for another day but do be sure you've made notes about your ideas. Notes to myself often save the day for me.

    Wishing you well on your quest to learn the name of your purple clematis.

    We're having a cool, rainy day, so it's good we just needed to thaw barbecue Rob had cooked on the grill (low and slow) a few weeks ago. Our flag won't be flying to celebrate the day because it's bad manners to let a flag get wet if it's not illuminated.



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