Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Much cooler this morning, I had to pull the light quilt up last night, I woke up cold.

This morning I decided to tackle sorting out the sewing room. The machine did arrive yesterday and I got time to have a little play, but I have to sort out all the fabric that is lying about. I  have a couple of months when I have no project to do for the quilt group. One of our ladies is going to do a demo next month and I already have Septembers project sorted.After that the ladies start on Christmas things.

I have found a raft of things that need finishing, some Christmas stuff some general. I also need to cut the triangles for my Ohio star quilt, its time I got it together.

No gardening for DB today, the ground is solid and cracking despite being watered. He spent the morning on his jig saw. He has just gone for his siesta.

Last night in the sitting room I thought I could smell lilies, this morning I found one of the lilies in the arrangement Alice bought me had come out. I have taken the stamen off, last year DB managed to get pollen on the sitting room carpet..........it took me ages to get it out.

Its so much cooler, we did sit out for morning tea and I have washed a set of net curtains which have dried quickly in the breeze. I need to measure them and see if they will fit the bedroom and front door. Could do with a change.

I found a couple of things in the cupboards that I could do with getting rid of one is a small Halogen oven the other a camping toaster we had for the caravan. Might make a few more pennies for the holiday fund.

Not sure what is happening with Amazon. I ordered and 2017 michelin map book of France over 2 weeks ago, I got an email saying it had been dispatched, so far no book has arrived. Will give it till the weekend.

Such awful news from France again this morning, where is it all going to end????

Right, I am off to fight with the fabric again, might get some sewing done will see.


Edwin is on his way into hospital, had a really bad dizzy which is still going on after 3 hours. Thankfully the paramedics decided he needed to be seen in hospital. Heaven knows how long it will be before he gets to see the Dr. I will ring about 9 pm and see what the score is. I just hope they do not want me to go in and fetch him at some unearthly hour.

Typical I decided we are safe to go to France on holiday something rears its head.

Just made myself a cuppa, no supper, will have something later. I am not hungry just now so the sausage and veg are in the fridge.

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