Sunday, 3 July 2016

Sunny/rainy Sunday

We had our usual breakfast in bed this morning, but melon for a change. Stripped the bed, sheets etc now dancing on the line, We keep getting dark clouds scudding over, a few drops of rain and then the sun comes out, weird.

Emptied the bulb containers, the bulbs are drying off in the grow house, the spent compost is on the herbaceous bed.

Pictures taken this morning.

The bottom of the herbaceous bed, you can just see the orange lily behind the geraniums

The thing that looks like a palm is a lily, the roses are coming out on the arch, hope they will climb a bit more for next summer.

Looking up towards the white foxglove, you can see the peach roses on the other side of the arch, the remains of the lupins in the background. DB trying to look as if he is not there.

The Comtesse de Bouchard seems to really like this corner, it is smothered in flowers.

Not sure which Clematis this is. update, my friend in the US thinks it might be Niobe, she could be right!!

Or this one for that matter.

Geraniums and petunias just coming out. The large pot in the background id the one we bought for a pond in a pot, need to source a solar fountain for it.

This is the side of the house between us and Mary, ideal for a nursery bed, and at the top behind the gale, storage for the wheelbarrow and trolly.

The geraniums are out in the pot by the front door, the fuchsias are swingtime, just starting to trail down the pot, they are red and cream when they come out lots of buds but none broken yet.

The lavender is flowering along the side of the front path. We are going to train it into a low hedge.

DB working hard, weeding the bed.

This is a tiny campanula, it is so pretty, masking a hosta and also a hydrangea. I have a white  campanula called 'white chips' to put in. There is another blue one at the base of the left hand side of the arch.

The sun is out again, I need to go and check the laundry, some of it should be dry enough to iron, not that I am going to do it today.

Supper is prepped, pork and roasties, carrot, cauliflower and peas. I have made a rhubarb and blackberry crumble for dessert. I still have blackberries in the freezer from last year, need to use them up.

I broke my fabric fast last night, found some really pretty fabric on ebay, all fat quarters, some of it is winging its way to me as I write.

DB has gone for his siesta, so I guess I will read for a while once he comes through.


  1. Your garden looks lovely - and DB (I presume this means dearly beloved? I'm not up on initials for words)with so many plants flowering. The rain has put paid to a lot of our flowers, they've simply rotted, but our walnut tree is looking lovely and I'm now looking forward to the autumn harvest of walnuts (or nuttage as I call it!)
    You say that while DB has gone for his siesta (we all need those!) you are going to read. Please tell us about the kinds of books you enjoy? I'm currently read the new Adrian Tinniswood (historian), called The Long Weekend, The English Country House between the wars. It is excellent if a little physically heavy as the pages are those shiny pages (OK this prevents them yellowing as modern non-acidic paper tends to yellow very quickly) but it also makes the book heavy. But such a lovely read, and with great illustrations, too.
    I am also browsing through Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight by Peter Walsh - apparently, there is a correlation between having too much clutter in the home and being overweight (well, according to the author and his researches.)
    Margaret P

  2. Your garden is an inspiration. We have lovely hardy hibiscus this year in a color called Cranberry Crush. We garden on a much smaller scale than you and your OH. Your garden has comes such a long way since you moved into your new home. Kudos to both of you! Barb

  3. Hi Anne - the second red clematis looks like Niobe (Jackmanii group) to me but the one above it may be something else. My Niobe is by the street at my mailbox - not doing too well this year though, too much rain and early very hot temps. I think. I'll leave it though and perhaps it will rejuvenate next year!

    Garden looking just fabulous - so glad you have shared all these pix. Tell DB I have plenty for him to do here if he doesn't have enough to keep him busy, haha!

    Happy day - Mary

  4. Wow what a difference a year makes - your garden and veggie patch look marvellous. Glad you have broken your fabric famine its just not you with nothing on the go. We are having pork for dinner too (with us working full time we tend to eat at night even on a Sunday so that we can get the best out of the day.) Hope you are both keeping well. Pattypanxx

  5. You have such a pretty garden, so different from when you moved in, well done indeed.
    I know it takes thought, planning and hard work.
    I really hope you get some good weather to sit outside and enjoy it.
    Here in Texas we are roasting in the heat. Most of my plant are heat scorched, its such a shame.
    Love your blog, I read each day.
    Pam in TX.xx

  6. The amount ofthought and sheer hard work you have put into the garden is reflected in these photos. What a transformation you have wrought in such a short time-you both have the green fingered magic for gardening. Happy sewing with your new fabric-I need to find where my mojo is hiding and get it back soon as I have so many ufos that must be done before anything else can be started.( I've got my fingers crossed in case I get struck by lightning for that whopper of a lie!) Catriona

  7. What lovely garden photos of the flowers and other plants you and DB have planted there to replace the mess that was there when you two arrived. After reading your blog for years and seeing those beautiful earlier gardens you two created, I had no doubt the front and back gardens at the bungalow would flourish with your care. Methinks you and DB have outdone yourselves this time! Well done!!!!!


  8. You've worked so hard in that garden - I remember you putting pictures on your blog around the time you moved in and it just doesn't look like the same garden to what it was then - you must be really pleased....worth all that hard work xx

  9. Your garden is looking beautiful so neat too xxx


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