Sunday, 17 July 2016

Sunny Sunday

Its a lovely sunny morning, we still have the strongish breeze, but its keeping things cooler than I think they would otherwise be.

We were awake early, so our Sunday breakfast was over and done with just after 9am. DB went out into the garden, I put the washer on and then went out myself. I have started setting the little timer I have for half an hour, then I sit down for about 10 minutes and start again.

I was planting stuff that's been waiting for quite a while, at the same time digging out the weeds, mainly buttercups, which are a dratted nuisance. The soil is awful claggy clay stuck to the spade, it will take years to get the soil to a reasonable state. I made tea which we sat and drank in the garden. Starting again, there was a shout DB had over reached and fallen into the calabrese, we now have a couple of calabrese supported with stick. Thankfully apart from a small graze on his arm he is ok. We decided to pack in for the morning, might get a bit more done after he has had his siesta.

Sandwiches for lunch. We have pork for supper, our own potato's and climbing beans......just a few beans, we will soon be inundated with them, lots of flowers. Raspberries to be picked later for dessert with some ice cream.

We sat out reading for most of the afternoon, at one point the sunshade took off in the wind, so we decided to come in, it was time to cook supper anyway.

Just booked our journey to France next April, we are going for 10 days, It is 9 years since we visited Dave and Jo in the south of France. We are going to Brittany staying not far from Huelgoat. We went to Brittany in 2001 staying in a very small village near the coast. We travelled from Scotland, travelling to Plymouth from Edinburgh, we are using the same route this time from Plymouth to Roscoff overnight out and a late afternoon sailing back.

We are so looking forward to being back in France, its thanks to the new medication they put DB on last year,

Every penny is a prisoner to save the cash. We will not be reduced to baked beans at every meal, but we will be watching what we spend our cash on from now on. Food parcels will be welcome LOL.

I need to come down off cloud 9 and root my feet firmly on the ground again.

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