Monday, 18 July 2016

Summer is here

I hate to complain, but it really is too hot, there is a light breeze which keeps it just this side of roasting.

DB has been in the garden all morning. Weeded the sweetcorn and then cut the back grass. He is about to go for his siesta.

I had the washer on as soon as we got up with the bed linen in, once it was out on the line I shoved all the towels etc from the bathroom into the washer. The first lot is dry and apart from the pillow cases the duvet cover and sheet have dried almost wrinkle free, so they are in the airing cupboard, its too hot to do the ironing, it will have to wait until its cooler.

Monday clean plus part of the Friday clean done, bed remade with fresh linen. I put lavender in between the sheets so they smell really nice, I love the smell, reminds me of when I was small.

I will be spending the afternoon reading, we are having bacon fritatta and salad for supper, its too hot for anything else.

Late last night as dusk was descending I went out and watered the whole of both gardens, they were so dry. I made a raspberry jelly with our raspberries in for dessert tonight. I noticed when I was out the cauliflowers were just showing the beginnings of the curds, so I have bent the leaved over to protect the curd from the sun. The calebrese are almost ready, I might have a go at freezing some of the calebrese florets against use in the winter.

Had a call from Brittany ferries this morning thanking us for our booking and arranging for our car to be parked close to the lift, we got a confirmation email which also has the cabin number on. I need to see if I can find the info about the cabins, and where the cabins are. We have booked 4 berth cabins both ways, we can no longer climb up into bunks. Obviously the  2/4 berth cabins are larger. They have en suites as well.

We sat out for a while but it was just too hat, so I came in and prepared the salad for supper.

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