Saturday, 16 July 2016

Soggy Saturday

Well it was earlier on. DB cut the front grass and I planted a couple of plants that were waiting to go in and also re-potted the acer I got from Morrison a few weeks ago.

There were plants to go in the back, but I ran out of time, so I have just put them in their pots where I am going to put them. It has started to brighten up, maybe tomorrow we will get the sun they promised for today.

Nothing much going on today, DB and his partner won their match yesterday so they are in the semi final. If he gets to the final I guess I will have to go and watch. I usually take some hand sewing with me or a book.

We have a mobile library which comes to the village once a month. We used to use it when we lived in Asfordby and know the driver quite well. It stops at the end of our cul de sac. Only 3 people use it here, DB and myself and a lady who lives round the corner. There are one or two who use it when it stops at the school. It is a very useful asset, I wish more of the villagers would use it, but I guess its a sign of the times, people do not seem to read as much. We are both lost if we do not have something to read, especially before we settle down to sleep.

We do have books in the house, ones we never mind reading again and again. I have a series of books by an American Author, Jennifer Chiaverini, all the books are based around quilting. I was first introduced to them by a quilting friend in Scotland, she lent me a book, I was hooked and over time have bought all the book in the series. We could get some of them in the Scottish Library but they do not have them down here. Jennifer has now moved on and writes about popular historical figures in American History.

DB has gone for his siesta, I am just going to check a couple of things on the web and I will be settling down with a book for an hour.

Breakfast fry up for supper tonight, we very rarely have a fried breakfast, so this is a treat for DB, he loves his bacon and eggs, I have some beans and tomato's to use up and I guess a piece of fried bread will find its way onto his plate. I bought bananas on Thursday so banana something for dessert.



  1. Yes, people do read and I actually think they read more these das as there's far more available than ever before, not just in the form of books. It is sad when libraries are being closed and the resources for library vans are cut, but just give it some thought. The councils have a finite amount of money. You, and others - I've not singled you out - require bathroom upgrades and new heating systems and lord knows what else - and so such things must come before books on library vans. But as I say, people do still read, Sweet Blondie, and perhaps buy books for 1p plus postage from Amazon (I'm guilty of that), and also they download books for their e-readers.
    I do hope DB (dearly beloved?) gets to the bowls final and yes, you will most certainly have to go and watch! And be very proud to do so.
    Margaret P

  2. Congratulations to DB and his partner on their win and moving on to the semi-finals! Applause!!

    It sounds like you and DB have had a productive day in the garden despite the rain. We just had a brief downpour that lasted most of 30 minutes and could use hours of more rain.

    How nice the library van comes to your neighborhood. I wonder if mentioning this at the church coffee meeting would get more folks interested in visiting the van? Like you and DB, I need books to read so visit our near-by library weekly but also do have many, many books here at home. We are Book People.

    When Jennifer C quit writing about Elm Creek, I felt almost like I'd lost contact with some dear friends. :)

    Yesterday DH made breakfast sausage from AMIL's recipe and there are now 9 rolls of about 1 lb each in the freezer and 1 roll in the refrigerator. Yum! It was a mess to make and DH's Kitchen Aid mixer with sausage-making attachments were put to good use. Do you want the recipe?



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