Sunday, 31 July 2016

So Tired

I was out before 9am. Went to the fabric warehouse, did buy some fabric, but really there was not much available.

I had to sit and twiddle my thumbs for 20 minutes before setting off for the hospital.

DB is much the same, not happy and wants to come home, but I need to be sure I can cope with him before he does. He had a dizzy last night. He was also cross because they did not get anything to drink apart from water from 9pm on Friday to 9pm last night. He asked why and was told there was no housekeeping staff on.

He reported the start of his dizzy to a nurse, she replied 'so what!!'
I am livid. When he does get home I will be putting in a further report to the PLC at the hospital, that is just not acceptable. It was after 3am before he got to sleep.

I went to DD2's on the way home and had a sandwich, then to Lidl and finally home.

Since I have been home I have watered the garden and prepped the pork for my supper. 

My machine did not sell on E Bay which has not pleased me. I have it on Gumtree as well, nothing from there either.I might advertise it in the local paper see if I can sell it that way.

I have just had someone to buy the halogen cooker I had on Gumtree, we bought it for the caravan and then sold the van. I kept saying I was going to sell it, now I have.

We are going to have to rethink the garden, I cannot manage it on my own, the herbaceous border takes me enough time to sort. I need to get out and weed it again, the front garden could do with some shifting round as well. Once DB gets home we will have a look, we may switch over to raised beds, so he does not have to bend down so far, we had already decided we were not going to grow caulis and calebrese another year. We will keep the soft fruit though. Possibly a strip across the back with the soft fruit in and raised beds for salads, beans. beetroot etc.

My tummy tells me its supper time, so better go and get on with it, I am quite hungry.

The weird sunset tonight.

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