Sunday, 24 July 2016

?Scorching Sunday

It appears to be much cooler this morning, apparently we may get rain later which would be good I will not have to water the garden.

We had to have cornflakes for breakie this morning, I need a trip to Morrison to get more of the pineapple and mandarins. We will call in as we go through to Dd2's for the tea party.

We are having lunch today, so I put some blackberries and gooseberries with the rhubarb and have made a mixed fruit crumble, it has just come out of the oven and the half leg of lamb has gone in. Veg all done.

The towels from the bathroom are in the washer, white towels get so grubby, they should dry, depends on whether I leave them out when we go out.

This is the new machine I am waiting for. You can read all about it on the Janome UK website. The basic machine is the sewing side of the Memorycraft 12000 that I had with a few more whistles and bells. For instance you can push a button and the presser foot lifts automatically!! You can press another button and it cuts the threads. I will have to do a bit of experimentation, good job I have plenty of calico. There are several videos on You Tube as well showing the Atelier 5 which is the machine down from this one, but has many of the features.

I really owe my dealer for this one. I have used him for well over 20 years, must have spent thousands one way or another. I have also recommended dozens of people to talk to him when they are thinking of buying a machine. He holds the dealership for 6 brands of machines and sends them all over the world. One lady and her friends flew up from London for a day to test drive various machines, they all went home knowing that the machines would be with them the next day. I know this happened I was in the shop the day they were there. I was introduced to them as ' my best customer'. I had spoken to him about the machine when it first came out, he rang me to say that he had a machine at a special price, did I want it? Fancy asking me that question. I just needed to talk to DB and phone him back!! Hopefully it will be here tomorrow, depends if they were able to get it out on time.

Right I smell the lamb cooking and the washer is just on its final spin, better go and sort myself out.

Frugal Queen is back in Huelgoat for 5 weeks, lucky lady, I am devouring her posts with great interest, DB says I am living my life through them as far as the French house is concerned. They were not in the 10 hour Queue. Like us they sailed from Plymouth to Roscoff.


Fabulous afternoon with our family, and we learnt we are to be great grandparents again. My grand daughter Becci is expecting a baby in February. Gosh what an afternoon.

My niece brought her sister, I had not seen her for at least 30 years. She was born blue and had brain damage, she lives in special accomodation. Her sister has her for the weekend every second week.

My ex husband was there as well. I had not seen him since Nicks funeral.

I cam home loaded with flowers from Grand daughter Alice and a birthday present from my daughter, and also flowers from Daughter Karen.

We had a lovely tea and afterwards out in the garden for photos.

Edwin, Karen, Ruth Alison Becci and Claire.

Edwin, Ruth, Karen,Becci Claire, Alison and David.

Me, Ruth in the distnace Claire.

Ruth took a shine to Edwin and insisted on having her picture taken with him.

No idea what the conflab was about.

Karens flowers

Alice's bouquet.

I am shattered now, we had such a lovely time. I have asked Alison to bring Ruth over to see us here, I know she will enjoy the garden.

Quite a screed for today.

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