Saturday, 9 July 2016

Rain Again

Raining again when we woke up.

DB was supposed to be playing in a bowls match, got his early lunch so he could have a rest before he went out, phone call just after 12 noon, Match off. So he is having his siesta. The rain has stopped he says he is going out to the garden when he gets up.

I am so glad we cut the grass last week it would have been knee high if we had left it.

I shoved the Dyson over the carpet and the kitchen floor, could not be bothered to dust, as my Grand mother used to say, 'the dust will be there when you are long gone!!'

I am working on the handouts for the zipper bags for the quilting group, most of them will be ok, but my visual learner will not get it I know......I also need to work on the instructions for the star blocks for the Christmas mats/runner. I will have to make one myself to ensure the measurements etc are ok.

Email from SIL last night, so replied to that this morning, 

After the fest last week the village is quiet, our next door to the left neighbour has gone to Wales for a week with her daughters. 

I am considering having a coffee morning for some of the ladies in the village, mostly from the coffee group and a couple of others I know. I want to try and sell some of my Christmas stuff thats left over. Will float the idea and see what response I get.

No idea whats for supper tonight, I was not expecting DB to be here, so nothing planned. Might take some ham out of the fridge and make a salad. We have a banana which needs eating so that's dessert sorted.

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