Monday, 11 July 2016

Mizzeling Monday

It had been threatening to rain all morning. sun, dark clouds, sun and a buffeting wind. No laundry, all done yesterday.

Monday clean done, sewing room tidied up fabric put away, so feeling pleased with myself. No that it will last long, I have to cut two sets of samples for coming meetings.

My new passport arrived this morning, one of the new bio=metric ones. Checked on the web last night and the fares for the ferries next year are out. Waiting to get a discount code.

DB spent the morning on his knees in the garden weeding the front again and also taking the yellow poppies out before they set seed.

When I was at my quilting friends the other week, she showed me how to start a crochet square, I am not good at crochet, but I decided to have a go and I actually have managed to do a square and change the colour. I will have to take it when I go next time and get it appraised.

It rained just after lunch, DB had gone for his siesta, I was preparing the salad for supper, decided to make potato salad with some of our potato's opened the kitchen door and the ground was wet.

The village is gearing up for the summer activities for the children. The little Baptist chapel have a couple who run a holiday scheme. The marquee goes up on the grass at the back of the chapel. If the children attend regularly at the end of the scheme they all go on an outing. 

There is talk that the marquee may well be in use for the Village Show on the green. Last year the village hall was double booked, so the marquee was erected on the green. Apparently there show was better attended and there were more exhibits than in previous years. May be its because the marquee was on the green which is more or less the centre of the village, people found it easier to get to.

I am undecided as to whether to put another quilt in, I have washed the Churn dash quuilt it is in the drawer folded up. I also have the Christmas Quilt which is only on the bed at Christmas. Its not very heavily quilted, I did it by hand, but there is always the opportunity to add more quilting later. I am going to brush up my scone and bread making skills and DB is going to have a go with some vegetables.

DB was walking back from the post office the other day when a chap spoke to him, he had seen DB about and wondered where we lived, if we lived in the village. If you pass people walking, they smile and say 'hello' which is really nice.

Supper, chicken and salad, there is some of yesterdays crumble left so thats dessert.

My niece is coming for lunch tomorrow, its a while since I saw her, she was due to come when I managed to pick up DB's cold. I put her off, she works with problem families, it would not have been fair to give her the germs and she pass them on.

Sun is out again......what a funny day......

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