Tuesday, 12 July 2016


All prep done for lunch and also gratin prepared for supper, kitchen floor cleaned and mopped, have to keep up standards.

DB has done some more at the front garden, had to come in, it started to rain, although now 15 minutes later its cleared, came down in stair rods for a few minutes.

One of the things that goes on at the Village Hall is the lunch club once a month. We have been asked to go, but to be honest its not really our 'thing' It costs £5 each for 3 courses, I can buy the ingredients for 3 suppers for less than that. It is good though for the older people in the village who are on their own, they meet friends and neighbours and socialise. There is a raffle and usually a quiz.

I have mentioned the chapel coffee morning on the first Wednesday of the month. The numbers vary but its another good place to meet new people or chat to neighbours. We have coffee and biscuits/ cake. No charge, but we always put £1 in the tin. The cash goes towards the Christmas Lunch they put on for the over 60's. We really enjoyed last years lunch and will go again this year.

The red poppies are shedding their petals, the front border is covered, reminds me of the poppies at the Tower of London.

Our friends from round the corner, stopped this morning and asked us to go round for afternoon tea, R has an auto immune condition, so we have to be careful, if he gets a cold he can be in bed for months, need to be germ free when we go.

Doubt if I will see the sewing room this afternoon, I may read whilst DB has his siesta. I checked through my diary yesterday to make sure what I have planned for the quilting group up to the end of September, I need to get the stuff ready in a bag and labelled.

My crochet hooks came yesterday, I have started on a shawl, need another colour to go in it, so will have to go to Boyes when we got to Aldi next.

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