Friday, 8 July 2016

Its Windy

My goodness its windy this morning.

We went to the garage to pay the bill, still not made up, so went back later. Almost £200 OMG its a good job we have an account were we save for repairs, insurance etc, will have to look for a really inexpensive insurance for the car. Every penny a prisoner to put the cash back, the car will need service in September and the house insurance in November.

We made it to Aldi and back, all put away. I checked the receipt and found they had charged me for coffee twice. So I have to get the cash back next time I go in.

The window cleaner has been and done the windows, I just have to sort the cobwebs at the back.

No gardening today, I have the ironing to do from the weekend, DB has gone for his siesta, so I will go and attack the ironing and then maybe do some sewing. I want to make a few more  zipper  bags and I need to sort out the instructions for the table runner for Christmas, it will have a hanging sleeve on the back so it can also be used as a wall hanging.

I have just has my renewal for the car insurance through, £235.13 which means I have to find another £60 unless I can find a cheaper quote, guess I had better get on to it right now!!


I have found a quote for £40 less plus £70 cash back, so will be going with that, just about got enough in the account to cover it. next thing will be the service in September.

I made another zipper bag, forgot to undo the zip when I sewed it together, rude words, purple mist.....

Its done!!


  1. Thanks so much for the titles of the books to read, I look forward to them.
    Have a great day.

  2. Love the zip bag! I write myself notes and leave them in the way so I cannot overlook them. The reminder I use most often says "Move needle to far right position" because when I turn my machine off and back on, the needle moves to the center position. My note to self in this case would be attached to the zipper foot and say "Unzip zipper before sewing!". Ah, yes.

    I made a run to the post office in the late morning heat as two parcels needed to be mailed for the menfolk here. We had hours of rain last night and may have more this arvo.

    I'm headed next door to sew!!


  3. Oh Anne - you're not the only one to leave the zip closed on something that you've got to turn inside out through the lining - I've done it on purses, cushions and little bags like yours - think it's because I think I'm on the homeward straight and opening that zip goes straight from my mind - love your little pouch - it's very pretty xx


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