Friday, 8 July 2016

Its Windy

My goodness its windy this morning.

We went to the garage to pay the bill, still not made up, so went back later. Almost £200 OMG its a good job we have an account were we save for repairs, insurance etc, will have to look for a really inexpensive insurance for the car. Every penny a prisoner to put the cash back, the car will need service in September and the house insurance in November.

We made it to Aldi and back, all put away. I checked the receipt and found they had charged me for coffee twice. So I have to get the cash back next time I go in.

The window cleaner has been and done the windows, I just have to sort the cobwebs at the back.

No gardening today, I have the ironing to do from the weekend, DB has gone for his siesta, so I will go and attack the ironing and then maybe do some sewing. I want to make a few more  zipper  bags and I need to sort out the instructions for the table runner for Christmas, it will have a hanging sleeve on the back so it can also be used as a wall hanging.

I have just has my renewal for the car insurance through, £235.13 which means I have to find another £60 unless I can find a cheaper quote, guess I had better get on to it right now!!


I have found a quote for £40 less plus £70 cash back, so will be going with that, just about got enough in the account to cover it. next thing will be the service in September.

I made another zipper bag, forgot to undo the zip when I sewed it together, rude words, purple mist.....

Its done!!

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