Sunday, 10 July 2016

Its Sunday

We had our usual breakfast in bed this morning.

DB spent the morning in the garden, tying up various things, the wind is still very strong.

I put a load of laundry in the machine, its now dancing on the line. Forecast was for a bad day tomorrow.

Stoned the plums and cooked them with some rhubarb for a crumble tonight. Veg all prepped so it just needs cooking. I spent an hour in my sewing room, made a bag to check out my instruction sheet, have had to make a couple of additions, but its mostly ok. Most of the girls will be able to follow it. I plan to demo making it any way.

Its fine, sunny, we have clouds coming over from time to time, but the wind makes it feel a lot cooler.

DB brought in a few strawberries and raspberries also a lone climbing bean, I would have left it to grow a little longer.

There is a lily that has come out in the garden, I think it must be a day lily the leaves are very different to the usual lilies. The penstamon is also in bloom

This is what I think is a day lily, the leaves are all at the base and very strap like,

Pretty penstamon, I have another slightly darker one which is waiting to be planted.

Supper over, delicious.....the crumble went down well too.

The wind is still blowing a hoolie, the laundry was all dry, so its been folded and put away.

Tomorrow is another day.... we have a quieter week this week. Mt niece is coming on Tuesday for lunch and we have the U3A on Thursday. As we will be in Melton I will do the bits of shopping we need from Morrison and Lidl.

The weeds are showing their faces in the front, my back has only just got only right from the last effort, hey ho, here we go again.

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