Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hot, hot, hot

The temperature in the sitting room is 27........

We wanted to go to Bingham today, after seeing the forecast last night, I decided we would go this morning, hoping to get home before the heat got too much. I did not sleep well last night, I was just too warm.

Home just after 10 am. I had an epic fail in Boyes, I went in to get another ball of wool for the shawl, they had some really nice batik type fabric, I bought 3 x 1/2 metres. They had several other colours as well. Next time I go into Bingham I might get some of the other colours.

DB has gone for his siesta, we had lunch in the only bit of shade there is in the garden, the sun has moved round from the front and is almost fully on the back now. We may sit out for our afternoon cup of tea, will see how warm it is.

No gardening done today except to cut the sweet peas and cut the foxglove flowers off before they shed seed all over the garden. There is a second white foxglove coming up just now. I guess we will be watering again tonight. I picked 4 climbing beans and DB brought in the first head of calebrese, its in the fridge.

I was going to do tomato pasta for tonight, changed my mind, its far too hot to cook, so the last of the cooked gammon out of the freezer, will do a salad to go with it. We have jelly for afters.


Well what looked like being a boring afternoon turned out quite differently. K the odd job chap phoned, I had a couple of jobs for him, so he came over, we now have 2 water butts, one from the coal shed guttering and the other, a replacement from the shed guttering. Very posh. We also have 2 overflow barrels,we can drain the butts and put the water in the tow spares.

The water barrel on the coal shed guttering.

The butt on the shed. Its a long story how we came to have 2 butts, I will not bore you with the tale.

He also put the drawer front back on my bedside cabinet. So all the jobs are now done.

Its 5 pm and still stonking, at least the sitting room and our bedroom are cool. Just thinking about some supper.

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