Friday, 29 July 2016


Off to see my friend this morning, spent a very happy couple of hours with her, coffee and danish pastry, soup and bread for lunch.

Traveled into town to see DB, he has been told they are keeping him in at least until Monday, they want him to have an MRI scan and also stabilize him before he comes home.

He had a bad night, the chap in the bed next to him arrested, they moved DB into the corridor and then into another Bay, the chap did not make it. DB said it brought horrible memories back of Nicholas's death last year.

I came away with a list of things to take in for him tomorrow. I will go in after lunch. Sunday I am going in before lunch, I need to go somewhere on the way so it will fit in nicely.

I left washing out when I went out, I just got back before we had 3 drops of rain which then went off.....I have some ironing to do now.

Fish for supper, mash, beans and calebrese. Afterwards I will wash up and put my feet up to watch TV.


  1. I'm glad you and your dear friend had such a lovely time together and the foods you enjoyed while there sound utterly delicious.

    What a shame that Edwin had to endure the distressing hubbub of a resuscitation effort for his roommate and that the man didn't make it. It's good, though, that you have a discharge date when you can expect to probably have Edwin home again so that uncertainty is gone.

    Enjoy your evening and hope you have a restful night's sleep with sweet dreams.


  2. Great that he is having an MRI scan. I had a CT scan which showed nothing but then the marvellous doctor wanted an MRI which showed lesions in my brain and a CVA. So an MRI should show everything up, do hope he is alright. Glad you managed a bit of R & R with your friend. Upsetting for him on the ward but at least they should get to the bottom of it all . Much love Andie xxx


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