Friday, 15 July 2016

For Trudie at the beginning...........

Aldi does not sell some of the things I use, they are based in Bingham which is just 7 miles away from us in one direction. I do a majority of my shopping at Aldi and we tend to go for a big shop once a month, with maybe a top up shop in the middle.

 Morrison and Lidl are based in Melton which is 9 miles in the opposite direction. We do not make a special journey to Melton. We wait until something comes up which means we are going to Melton and kill several birds with the one stone.

I keep a menu list on the fridge door, when something is getting low I put  note on the bottom of the menu list, I use this when I am making up my shopping list for any of the three shops I use.

I have just has a call from the repairs chappie at the council, it would appear that we are getting both the heating and the wet room done, more or less within an 8 week time frame. So by the time autumn comes we should be fit to go. I am so pleased......

We do have some coal left which I will use up probably before we have to put the heating on. Sometimes you just want a  bit of extra heat when you are sitting in the evening. I am so glad we did not go ahead with the wood burner.

Once the coal is used up I will get the chimney swept and then we are looking at putting an inset electric fire in where the stove was going to go. Quite a bit of research being done just now.

I have just sent for an up to date map book of France ready for our trip next year. I also need to look at booking the ferry. The 2017 prices have just come out.

DB is bowling tonight, we had fish, mash and peas at lunch time, just going to do him a ham roll, small pork pie and a scone, he probably will not be back until well after 7pm.

We have a 100 club in the village, it has small prizes, £50, £25 & £10, the remainder of the the cash goes to the local hospice and they keep so much back to pay for the over 60's tea. We joined this year to fill a space that had occurred. 

The chapel also does a lunch at Christmas for all the over 60's, it is free but they do ask for donations towards the next years lunch. Both of these are well attended. I am not sure how many over 60's there are in the village but there are quite a few.

Apart from the summer play scheme the chapel runs a group on Thursday night for the youngsters in the village, they play games, there is a snooker table, various other activities. They have a 'disco' at Christmas.

For a small village of around 500 we do very well for things to do. Several of the older ladies meet once a week to play scrabble, two groups, one on Monday afternoon and one on Wednesday morning.

The playing fields by the village hall has football pitches, Tennis courts and of course the Bowls green.

Time to go and sort out DB's early supper.

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