Friday, 1 July 2016

Fantastic Friday

A slow morning, prepped the wedges for tonight supper, did a quick shuffty round with the duster and dyson. Cheese sanrnies and then change ready to go out.

Just about out the door, phone rang quilting friend asking me to call at Aldi and get her some jam. So off we went doing a side visit to Aldi.

It was spotting with rain when we arrived. My friend was very cheesed off she has to have a new boiler, hers has gone kaput, it has only been in 8 years.....things are just not built to last, £2000 for a new boiler and moving a couple of radiators.

DB settled in the conservatory with a cuppa, two chocolate swiss rolls and his book.

The bag I was carrying was emptied. I always take the projects I am working on for her to see. I came home minus 2 zipper bags and the Christmas chicken wall hanging......I was going to put them on my blog, no need now, I need to make some more.

Another cup of tea and a second chocolate swiss roll and we chatted about various things in our lives. K is 9 years older tan me so remembers the war quite well.

Her garden is a picture, I wished I had remembered to take my camera with us, the compassion rose on the garage wall is stupendous, it is my favourite rose, the scent is gorgeous. Her hanging baskets are looking good too.We took her another plant for the garden.

Time to leave came all too soon, it was raining again when we lft but by the time we got home it was sunny and dry and we did not appear to have had any rain at all.

If anything happens to my friend I will miss her so much, she has been an inspiration to me, she has been quilting for over 50 years,  started  quilting using furnishing fabric in the days before you could get 100% cotton. She has been featured in the UK quilting magazines. Before her eyesight started to fade she was still a prolific quilter and has 100 quilts still in her loft.

This afternoon she spent an hour showing me how to crochet a square, I have come home with home work!! She is such a generous lady with her talents.

Fish and wedges for supper, must admit I am quite hungry.


  1. Sounds like such a nice visit. I remember a few of CR's quilts before she stopped blogging. I also remember her showing her beautiful garden. Glad to hear she is doing well and enjoying life in spite of her eyesight problems.
    I'm needing a new cook-top and oven and I dread the cost and I've not even looked yet. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I remember your friends blog and her garden was beautiful then - I'm sure that she also had another friend who wrote a blog and the last I read she'd moved into a bungalow and had a lot of work to do on it - I think it was Bluebell? I hope that they are both ok - when you next go - will you tell her that I send my regards Thanks xxx

  3. What a lovely person K sounds, and what a wonderful collection of quilts she must have. They would make a wonderful exhibition, would they not, perhaps in aid of charity? And to teach you to crochet, too! I'm hopeless, as I've said, with any kind of kneedle (or crochet hook), but we all have different talents, don't we?
    I don't know the Compassion rose, I shall have to Google it.
    Margaret P

  4. It's wonderful to read that you had such a lovely Friday as well as a delightful visit with your long-time friend K. How kind of you to get K some jam and how kind of K to teach you how to crochet a square. Those chocolate swiss rolls sound like a treat, too.

    We've had a little rain but that just increased the humidity.

    I'm pleased to say I joined the binding ends as well as putting quilt clips almost all the way down one long side of the quilt, around one corner, and a little ways down one of the narrow ends.


  5. So good to hear K is ok. I've thought of her often and wondered how she was doing. So sad her eye sight has gotten so bad. So good you got to visit with her. Hugs

  6. Totally off topic... but... I noticed on the side of your blog is shows where your visitors are coming from... and it says I come from Invercargill, Southland. Pfffft! Totally the wrong end of our country ... I come from Cambridge, Waikato, NEW ZEALAND! lol

  7. Isn't it wonderful to have such a friend, perhaps next time you visit her, you could take some pictures of her quilts to let us see them, that would be wonderful. Greetings from B.C.Canada


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