Friday, 22 July 2016

Crackered Again

I was up just after 9 am and started on the kitchen, DB was outside playing with the piece of ground near to where the water butt is by the shed.

Changed round the sitting room a bit, have moved DB's chair, gives me a direct route from the sitting room door into the kitchen. His table is still by the book case but he can use my side table by the settee. I also moved the printed and shredder over to the other side of the room.

It was a funny sort of morning, very muggy and cloudy, then the sun broke through but a lot of grey clouds, no rain. There is a breeze which is nice. I have put one of my quilts onto the line to air, bashed it with a brush handle to get the dust out of it.

The pot on the front looks really nice the fuchsia is trailing almost to the floor so we have lifted it up on a couple of bits of wood.

The Fuchsia is supposed to be swing time, but its obviously is not. Swing time has white on the outside and scarlet inside.

Everything ready for our friends, tray is set, just have to boil the kettle and make the tea after we have been round the garden. 

Friends arrived. S is walking very badly, her knee is getting a lot worse. We spent a while in the garden before coming in for tea. We were going to have fish for supper, but having scone and carrot cake, we are going to have poached egg on toast, will have the fish tomorrow.

It was quite warm out in the garden, it's cooler now, but no rain, we will have to water the garden when it has cooled off. DB took some climbing beans to our friends round the corner. I have courgette and calebrese in the fridge.

I need to clean out my sewing machine, the bobbin race is full of fluff from sewing the bags. It could do with a polish as well.

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