Thursday, 21 July 2016


We had heavy rain last night for about 15 minutes, thunder, but it was far away.

Its much cooler this morning, far more pleasant than the last couple of days.

Made scone and carrot cake this morning, friends coming to afternoon tea tomorrow.

OH informed me late this morning he is bowling tonight, so had to do a quick lunch, had the spag sauce so grated Parmesan, cooked spaghetti and garlic bread. He will have a sandwich and a scone later this afternoon before he goes out.

He also told me he needed his trousers pressing....aarrgghhhh so I have put the steam iron on will go through and press them in a mo.

No gardening apart from picking sweet peas, we have a vase of said flowers in every room and the hall, not in the bedroom though.

The schedule for the village show is out, I am looking through to see what classes I might enter. I cannot decide which quilt to put in, I might put pictures on here and see what the consensus of opinion is.

DB about to go for his siesta, I will press his trousers whilst he is napping. 


DB has just gone off to his bowls match in perfectly pressed pants. I must admit I was very tempted to press the creases down the side seams!! I am going to do my own thing, he will not be back until after 9pm.

I have loaded the recipe for scones and the carrot cake on the recipe page above.

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