Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Another hot day

Its been hot again today, although there has been more breeze..

I did a load of laundry again this morning it was all dry within the hour. At lunch time the sky was rather cloudy, some grey clouds scudding by.

We sat out for our morning tea and again after DB got up from his siesta, I had to come in, it was just too much, the sun had gone from the front and the sitting room was cooler.

I did manage to iron the pillowcases from the other day before it got too hot.....I now have a skirt to iron, it can wait.

No gardening, although I did put the cover on the greenhouse we moved last week. I was fed up with DB asking in that plaintive voice if I was going to do it, then at lunch time he complained that it was not on tight enough the roof was bowing. I reminded him the cover was polythene and it stretches in the heat. I then removed myself out into the garden..... to scream......

I had a sample copy of a new quilt magazine come today, not sure if I like it or not, will have another look at it later and then take it to my quilting friend next week and see what she thinks. I still have not managed to get to the Fabric Guild and see what they have in the sale. There is some nice stuff on line, but I have no pocket money left.......after yesterday its all gone.

I cooked chicken with brandy and nectarines for supper, all the veg was from our garden. I usually serve it with rice, but the garden is starting to produce so veg it was; new potato's, carrots, calebrese and climbing beans all from the garden. DB also gave our neighbour a handful of beans. The chicken breasts were from the freezer and the nectarines in the fruit bowl. DB used to like Angel Delight, recently I have bought Lidl's version, the strawberry one tonight was delicious piled on top of the last of the strawberries from the garden.

I will put the recipe for the chicken in the file above.

Whilst we were eating our supper it started to rain, heavily for about 10 minutes, a bit of thunder but not a lot, thankfully, I hate it. Now the sun is out and the ground steaming.

I need to get my butt into gear tomorrow, we have friends coming for tea on Friday, so scones and carrot cake need to be made tomorrow. No sewing, its too hot, we have spent most of the day reading.

We both slept ok last night, it was not too hot, just a light quilt over us was enough.

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