Thursday, 14 July 2016


what a letter to the head of a department can do.

When we moved in last year we were told to apply to have gas central heating installed and also the bathroom changed either into a wet room or replace the bath with a shower cubicle.

In April, having not heard a dicky bird from the council. DB sent an email  to the repairs manager, which was ignored, so when we got our assured status he sent another email, it too was ignored. We tried phoning to be told he was not available. By this time my patience was getting very thin, so I put pen to paper and sent it to the department head by recorded delivery.

I had a reply saying that he had received the letter and was looking into it.

On Tuesday he spoke to DB on the phone, asking about gas in the street, yes we have gas in the street it was put in 5 years ago. He also said he was going to see the repairs manager and that the repairs manager would phone us.

Yesterday the phone rang, I answered, as soon as I knew who it was I handed the phone to DB.........we are getting surveyed for putting the gas into the house and then for the central heating to go in and the manager is coming out to see us about the bathroom.......Hurrah. at last.

I long to be able to stand under a hot shower rather than struggling to get into the bath, kneel down and wash myself and then haul myself out. DB can only just get into the bath and no way can he kneel down.........It was bliss when we were on holiday to be able to have a hot shower.

A bright day, but there are dark clouds forming, we went to the U3A this morning. A great talk by an ex TV presenter called 'the humour around us' It was excellent. On the way home we called at Morrison and Lidl to get the things from them we cannot get at Aldi, home for lunch. DB has gone for his siesta, we are going round to our friends at the back for afternoon tea when he gets up.

No housework or sewing done today.......DB is bowling tomorrow late afternoon so we will eat at lunch time and just have a sandwich and scone when he gets home.

Guess the Friday clean may not happen until Saturday!!


Some people are so rude it beggars belief.

This afternoon we went round the corner to our friends who live at the back. Their house is up for sale.

When we got there R said they had just had a big disappointment, the agents had made arrangements for a couple to view the house, they were coming from Chester and just wanted to make sure the house was as good as the agent had said. The people were due at 2.30pm. At 2.20 the agent rang to say the people were not coming, no reason given, the agent was most apologetic.

I felt so sorry for them, they were both very down, the house has been for sale for over a year. This time they really thought they had sold it.

We sat and chatted for a couple hours, drank tea and ate biscuits, they were much brighter when we left. I hope they do sell soon. R has an auto immune disease, they are desperate to get into a bungalow locally.

It turned into a lovely sunny afternoon, I have fixed up the parasol we bought in Lidl, we can now sit in the garden out of the sun.


  1. Good for you! Sometimes going straight to the top is the only way to get something done.

  2. That's good news about the gas & bathroom improvements - your tenacity has paid off!

  3. Glory be!!! I'm delighted your persistence has paid off at last and I hope the visit by the manager and surveyor happen promptly as you two have already waited long enough for these wheels to start turning.

    Am glad the U3A meeting was a delight and that you got the needed supplies while en route home. Yes, housework and sewing can wait. Hope you have lovely plans for the time DB is away at bowls tomorrow.

    It's hot as blue blazes, forecast to be nearly 100*F today so the heat index will be higher. DH has gone to the FedEx pack-and-ship to send AMIL's china to buyers in western Canada. He'll be wilted when he gets home.

    I've taken down the 4th of July wall quilts and put up more summery ones and am also doing laundry.


  4. Anne
    If there is any 'reluctance' in undertaking the works required - just let him know (in no uncertain terms) that you will have no hesitation in escalating your complaint to a stage 2 complaint - advise him that it is totally unacceptable for you to have to use the bath in the way that you have to - the last thing that the manager will want is your complaint going further up the chain to his section head which a stage 2 complaint will - hope this helps xxx

    1. As they say!! If you want things done don't ask the monkey see the organ grinder! Your steely persistence paid off and now hopefully it will get done.
      Do you find it economical by going from one shop to another? We have done that in the past and worked it out it costs us more traveling around, perhaps you have a different system:)


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