Sunday, 31 July 2016

So Tired

I was out before 9am. Went to the fabric warehouse, did buy some fabric, but really there was not much available.

I had to sit and twiddle my thumbs for 20 minutes before setting off for the hospital.

DB is much the same, not happy and wants to come home, but I need to be sure I can cope with him before he does. He had a dizzy last night. He was also cross because they did not get anything to drink apart from water from 9pm on Friday to 9pm last night. He asked why and was told there was no housekeeping staff on.

He reported the start of his dizzy to a nurse, she replied 'so what!!'
I am livid. When he does get home I will be putting in a further report to the PLC at the hospital, that is just not acceptable. It was after 3am before he got to sleep.

I went to DD2's on the way home and had a sandwich, then to Lidl and finally home.

Since I have been home I have watered the garden and prepped the pork for my supper. 

My machine did not sell on E Bay which has not pleased me. I have it on Gumtree as well, nothing from there either.I might advertise it in the local paper see if I can sell it that way.

I have just had someone to buy the halogen cooker I had on Gumtree, we bought it for the caravan and then sold the van. I kept saying I was going to sell it, now I have.

We are going to have to rethink the garden, I cannot manage it on my own, the herbaceous border takes me enough time to sort. I need to get out and weed it again, the front garden could do with some shifting round as well. Once DB gets home we will have a look, we may switch over to raised beds, so he does not have to bend down so far, we had already decided we were not going to grow caulis and calebrese another year. We will keep the soft fruit though. Possibly a strip across the back with the soft fruit in and raised beds for salads, beans. beetroot etc.

My tummy tells me its supper time, so better go and get on with it, I am quite hungry.

The weird sunset tonight.

Saturday, 30 July 2016


I was awake early this morning, so was about. Went into the garden and picked beans and sweet peas also picked a courgette which was threatening to become a marrow. I put them all in a bag and took them round to our friends on the way to the hospital.

DB is feeling much better, says he misses me, he is up and about on his own, using a walker for balance, but he seems to be quite steady on his feet. The medication he is on is stemetil....there are some contra indications I would like to talk to the Drs about, will see about that either tomorrow or Monday. DB was complaining they had no tea to drink at all this morning. I left just before 3 pm to go to Aldi.

I went to Aldi on the way home and did some shopping, we do not seem to need much. I will have to go to Lidl on the way home tomorrow, there are a couple of things I need from there. At the tea party last week DD2 had bought a delicious quiche from Lidl, cheese and maple I though I would treat us to one. I like Lidl bio washing powder its really good, especially if you soak stuff in it before washing.

DB hates curry, so I can only have it when he is not around. I bought myself a chicken tika masala to have for my supper tonight.

I am feeling tired, driving in and out of the city is a chore, but I need to see DB and make sure he is ok. Maybe we will get him home this week.

I need to be up early tomorrow, I am going to the fabric warehouse to see what they are selling off, will then go and visit DB, on to DD2's for lunch and then home. So another busy day. I am hoping that some of his bowls friends might go in to see him. He was supposed to be playing tomorrow.

Time to put my feet up and relax for half an hour.

Friday, 29 July 2016


Off to see my friend this morning, spent a very happy couple of hours with her, coffee and danish pastry, soup and bread for lunch.

Traveled into town to see DB, he has been told they are keeping him in at least until Monday, they want him to have an MRI scan and also stabilize him before he comes home.

He had a bad night, the chap in the bed next to him arrested, they moved DB into the corridor and then into another Bay, the chap did not make it. DB said it brought horrible memories back of Nicholas's death last year.

I came away with a list of things to take in for him tomorrow. I will go in after lunch. Sunday I am going in before lunch, I need to go somewhere on the way so it will fit in nicely.

I left washing out when I went out, I just got back before we had 3 drops of rain which then went off.....I have some ironing to do now.

Fish for supper, mash, beans and calebrese. Afterwards I will wash up and put my feet up to watch TV.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Yes he is, no he isn't

coming home that is. Rang this morning, I am coming home later today. Right.

Off to quilting group, phone call, no I am not coming home. They have moved me to another ward.

I went in after the group, they have moved him to a ward closer to the car park, thank heavens, not so far to walk.

The Doctors want to see how he reacts to the medication they have given him, so I will go in again tomorrow.

I have made arrangements to go to my friends, will have a sandwich with her and then visit OH on the way back. See whats what.

Its been a nice day, we did have a heavy down pour around midday but it did not last too long.

I need to chill, my visual learner was a bit of a pain today. I do feel sorry for the other girls I do not have the chance to do as much with them as I would like. I got a cushion cover 3/4's made. most of the ladies had got as far as the quilting stage, once the cover is quilted it is quite easy to finish.

I am only taking part of the class next month, one of the ladies is going to show us how to make a holder for 3 pairs of scissors. I am going to be in the class for a change. That will be interesting.

Off to empty the machine and slig the stuff on the line for an hour or so.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016


I spent hours last night trying to get through to A & E to see what was happening. I gave up at 1am. I phoned this morning to be told that he was still in A & E waiting for a bed. He was laid on a trolly for over 12 hours.

They moved him to a ward this morning. It appears that the problem is the movement of crystals in his inner ear. They are going to give him some medication to take when it happens. Strangely this was what they thought the problem was 8 years ago when he had so many dizzies. We now know that was not the case.

I spent the morning sewing, drove in to see DB this afternoon, just got home and had my supper. A piece of quiche left from Sunday and salad.

It was raining when I got up this morning but cleared and its been another lovely day, breeze to keep it cool. The hospital was very warm, they had fans going.

Not sure when he might be home, but I do know he will not be coming in the morning, I have the quilting class in the afternoon, so no one here for him. He will ring me after he has seen the Dr in the morning.

I did sleep last night, but was awake early, had my breakfast in bed, so I was sewing by 9 am.

The map book fro France has arrived today. I am hoping that DB will be ok to go. I am not going to do anything until we see how this pans out.

Right time to put my feet up and relax.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Much cooler this morning, I had to pull the light quilt up last night, I woke up cold.

This morning I decided to tackle sorting out the sewing room. The machine did arrive yesterday and I got time to have a little play, but I have to sort out all the fabric that is lying about. I  have a couple of months when I have no project to do for the quilt group. One of our ladies is going to do a demo next month and I already have Septembers project sorted.After that the ladies start on Christmas things.

I have found a raft of things that need finishing, some Christmas stuff some general. I also need to cut the triangles for my Ohio star quilt, its time I got it together.

No gardening for DB today, the ground is solid and cracking despite being watered. He spent the morning on his jig saw. He has just gone for his siesta.

Last night in the sitting room I thought I could smell lilies, this morning I found one of the lilies in the arrangement Alice bought me had come out. I have taken the stamen off, last year DB managed to get pollen on the sitting room took me ages to get it out.

Its so much cooler, we did sit out for morning tea and I have washed a set of net curtains which have dried quickly in the breeze. I need to measure them and see if they will fit the bedroom and front door. Could do with a change.

I found a couple of things in the cupboards that I could do with getting rid of one is a small Halogen oven the other a camping toaster we had for the caravan. Might make a few more pennies for the holiday fund.

Not sure what is happening with Amazon. I ordered and 2017 michelin map book of France over 2 weeks ago, I got an email saying it had been dispatched, so far no book has arrived. Will give it till the weekend.

Such awful news from France again this morning, where is it all going to end????

Right, I am off to fight with the fabric again, might get some sewing done will see.


Edwin is on his way into hospital, had a really bad dizzy which is still going on after 3 hours. Thankfully the paramedics decided he needed to be seen in hospital. Heaven knows how long it will be before he gets to see the Dr. I will ring about 9 pm and see what the score is. I just hope they do not want me to go in and fetch him at some unearthly hour.

Typical I decided we are safe to go to France on holiday something rears its head.

Just made myself a cuppa, no supper, will have something later. I am not hungry just now so the sausage and veg are in the fridge.

Monday, 25 July 2016


A bit quiet after all the excitement yesterday. Waiting for 3 parcels to come, hope that the machine arrives today.

I went down to the Drs this morning, there were only 2 spare seats in the waiting room, so I made an appointment for tomorrow and drove home.

Its much cooler and rather quite cloudy, some very dark clouds on the horizon. I did a load of laundry, it has dried so its folded, most of it ready to go away, just a couple of bits needs attention from the iron.

DB has been in the front garden, cats have scratched the soil in the border, it was all over the path. The veg garden is going ok, more beans brought in this morning. I will have to cook tomorrow otherwise we will be inundated.

Monday clean done, have been updating our budget, we slid into the red a bit this month, but its all running ok now. Its the way the  DD are paid and the cash coming into the bank. 

I did not sleep too well last night, might have a Nana nap whilst DB is having his siesta.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

?Scorching Sunday

It appears to be much cooler this morning, apparently we may get rain later which would be good I will not have to water the garden.

We had to have cornflakes for breakie this morning, I need a trip to Morrison to get more of the pineapple and mandarins. We will call in as we go through to Dd2's for the tea party.

We are having lunch today, so I put some blackberries and gooseberries with the rhubarb and have made a mixed fruit crumble, it has just come out of the oven and the half leg of lamb has gone in. Veg all done.

The towels from the bathroom are in the washer, white towels get so grubby, they should dry, depends on whether I leave them out when we go out.

This is the new machine I am waiting for. You can read all about it on the Janome UK website. The basic machine is the sewing side of the Memorycraft 12000 that I had with a few more whistles and bells. For instance you can push a button and the presser foot lifts automatically!! You can press another button and it cuts the threads. I will have to do a bit of experimentation, good job I have plenty of calico. There are several videos on You Tube as well showing the Atelier 5 which is the machine down from this one, but has many of the features.

I really owe my dealer for this one. I have used him for well over 20 years, must have spent thousands one way or another. I have also recommended dozens of people to talk to him when they are thinking of buying a machine. He holds the dealership for 6 brands of machines and sends them all over the world. One lady and her friends flew up from London for a day to test drive various machines, they all went home knowing that the machines would be with them the next day. I know this happened I was in the shop the day they were there. I was introduced to them as ' my best customer'. I had spoken to him about the machine when it first came out, he rang me to say that he had a machine at a special price, did I want it? Fancy asking me that question. I just needed to talk to DB and phone him back!! Hopefully it will be here tomorrow, depends if they were able to get it out on time.

Right I smell the lamb cooking and the washer is just on its final spin, better go and sort myself out.

Frugal Queen is back in Huelgoat for 5 weeks, lucky lady, I am devouring her posts with great interest, DB says I am living my life through them as far as the French house is concerned. They were not in the 10 hour Queue. Like us they sailed from Plymouth to Roscoff.


Fabulous afternoon with our family, and we learnt we are to be great grandparents again. My grand daughter Becci is expecting a baby in February. Gosh what an afternoon.

My niece brought her sister, I had not seen her for at least 30 years. She was born blue and had brain damage, she lives in special accomodation. Her sister has her for the weekend every second week.

My ex husband was there as well. I had not seen him since Nicks funeral.

I cam home loaded with flowers from Grand daughter Alice and a birthday present from my daughter, and also flowers from Daughter Karen.

We had a lovely tea and afterwards out in the garden for photos.

Edwin, Karen, Ruth Alison Becci and Claire.

Edwin, Ruth, Karen,Becci Claire, Alison and David.

Me, Ruth in the distnace Claire.

Ruth took a shine to Edwin and insisted on having her picture taken with him.

No idea what the conflab was about.

Karens flowers

Alice's bouquet.

I am shattered now, we had such a lovely time. I have asked Alison to bring Ruth over to see us here, I know she will enjoy the garden.

Quite a screed for today.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Another scorcher

Another very warm day, not complaining......DB was in the garden all morning. I spent the morning cleaning out my little machine and sorting out stuff in the sewing room.

DB has gone for his siesta so I am going to do a bit of research on the internet.

Supper is what I did not cook yesterday, I have some rhubarb to cook, will have some with ice cream tonight the rest will go in a crumble tomorrow.

We will be eating at lunchtime tomorrow, we are invited to a family tea party at DD2's.....fetched my one and only dress out. Still fits ok, so pressed and hung up. I just need to decide what shoes to wear.

Not a lot to report today, 

Its very muggy outside, there is a breeze but it does not seem to be cooling things down at all.

No sewing, the little machine is packed up, nice and clean now. Waiting for the new baby to arrive on Monday or Tuesday. When I bought the little machine it was all I could afford, now thanks to my dealer I can afford it, just. It has all the things and more that were on the 12000 which I sold when we needed to move from the flat after the landlady decided to pull the house down. It will be good to have more room under the harp to manoeuvre fabric around. I was sad to have to sell the 12000 but it was the only way I could afford to move to Duke Street. This machine does not have the embroidery unit, no problem I have the embroidery machine anyway. I have put the little machine on both Gumtree and Ebay.

Supper is on, so better go and sort out serving it up. I have blitzed the rhubarb and mixed it with custard to make rhubarb fool for dessert, a blob of ice cream on the top will just slip down nicely.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Crackered Again

I was up just after 9 am and started on the kitchen, DB was outside playing with the piece of ground near to where the water butt is by the shed.

Changed round the sitting room a bit, have moved DB's chair, gives me a direct route from the sitting room door into the kitchen. His table is still by the book case but he can use my side table by the settee. I also moved the printed and shredder over to the other side of the room.

It was a funny sort of morning, very muggy and cloudy, then the sun broke through but a lot of grey clouds, no rain. There is a breeze which is nice. I have put one of my quilts onto the line to air, bashed it with a brush handle to get the dust out of it.

The pot on the front looks really nice the fuchsia is trailing almost to the floor so we have lifted it up on a couple of bits of wood.

The Fuchsia is supposed to be swing time, but its obviously is not. Swing time has white on the outside and scarlet inside.

Everything ready for our friends, tray is set, just have to boil the kettle and make the tea after we have been round the garden. 

Friends arrived. S is walking very badly, her knee is getting a lot worse. We spent a while in the garden before coming in for tea. We were going to have fish for supper, but having scone and carrot cake, we are going to have poached egg on toast, will have the fish tomorrow.

It was quite warm out in the garden, it's cooler now, but no rain, we will have to water the garden when it has cooled off. DB took some climbing beans to our friends round the corner. I have courgette and calebrese in the fridge.

I need to clean out my sewing machine, the bobbin race is full of fluff from sewing the bags. It could do with a polish as well.

Thursday, 21 July 2016


We had heavy rain last night for about 15 minutes, thunder, but it was far away.

Its much cooler this morning, far more pleasant than the last couple of days.

Made scone and carrot cake this morning, friends coming to afternoon tea tomorrow.

OH informed me late this morning he is bowling tonight, so had to do a quick lunch, had the spag sauce so grated Parmesan, cooked spaghetti and garlic bread. He will have a sandwich and a scone later this afternoon before he goes out.

He also told me he needed his trousers pressing....aarrgghhhh so I have put the steam iron on will go through and press them in a mo.

No gardening apart from picking sweet peas, we have a vase of said flowers in every room and the hall, not in the bedroom though.

The schedule for the village show is out, I am looking through to see what classes I might enter. I cannot decide which quilt to put in, I might put pictures on here and see what the consensus of opinion is.

DB about to go for his siesta, I will press his trousers whilst he is napping. 


DB has just gone off to his bowls match in perfectly pressed pants. I must admit I was very tempted to press the creases down the side seams!! I am going to do my own thing, he will not be back until after 9pm.

I have loaded the recipe for scones and the carrot cake on the recipe page above.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Another hot day

Its been hot again today, although there has been more breeze..

I did a load of laundry again this morning it was all dry within the hour. At lunch time the sky was rather cloudy, some grey clouds scudding by.

We sat out for our morning tea and again after DB got up from his siesta, I had to come in, it was just too much, the sun had gone from the front and the sitting room was cooler.

I did manage to iron the pillowcases from the other day before it got too hot.....I now have a skirt to iron, it can wait.

No gardening, although I did put the cover on the greenhouse we moved last week. I was fed up with DB asking in that plaintive voice if I was going to do it, then at lunch time he complained that it was not on tight enough the roof was bowing. I reminded him the cover was polythene and it stretches in the heat. I then removed myself out into the garden..... to scream......

I had a sample copy of a new quilt magazine come today, not sure if I like it or not, will have another look at it later and then take it to my quilting friend next week and see what she thinks. I still have not managed to get to the Fabric Guild and see what they have in the sale. There is some nice stuff on line, but I have no pocket money left.......after yesterday its all gone.

I cooked chicken with brandy and nectarines for supper, all the veg was from our garden. I usually serve it with rice, but the garden is starting to produce so veg it was; new potato's, carrots, calebrese and climbing beans all from the garden. DB also gave our neighbour a handful of beans. The chicken breasts were from the freezer and the nectarines in the fruit bowl. DB used to like Angel Delight, recently I have bought Lidl's version, the strawberry one tonight was delicious piled on top of the last of the strawberries from the garden.

I will put the recipe for the chicken in the file above.

Whilst we were eating our supper it started to rain, heavily for about 10 minutes, a bit of thunder but not a lot, thankfully, I hate it. Now the sun is out and the ground steaming.

I need to get my butt into gear tomorrow, we have friends coming for tea on Friday, so scones and carrot cake need to be made tomorrow. No sewing, its too hot, we have spent most of the day reading.

We both slept ok last night, it was not too hot, just a light quilt over us was enough.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hot, hot, hot

The temperature in the sitting room is 27........

We wanted to go to Bingham today, after seeing the forecast last night, I decided we would go this morning, hoping to get home before the heat got too much. I did not sleep well last night, I was just too warm.

Home just after 10 am. I had an epic fail in Boyes, I went in to get another ball of wool for the shawl, they had some really nice batik type fabric, I bought 3 x 1/2 metres. They had several other colours as well. Next time I go into Bingham I might get some of the other colours.

DB has gone for his siesta, we had lunch in the only bit of shade there is in the garden, the sun has moved round from the front and is almost fully on the back now. We may sit out for our afternoon cup of tea, will see how warm it is.

No gardening done today except to cut the sweet peas and cut the foxglove flowers off before they shed seed all over the garden. There is a second white foxglove coming up just now. I guess we will be watering again tonight. I picked 4 climbing beans and DB brought in the first head of calebrese, its in the fridge.

I was going to do tomato pasta for tonight, changed my mind, its far too hot to cook, so the last of the cooked gammon out of the freezer, will do a salad to go with it. We have jelly for afters.


Well what looked like being a boring afternoon turned out quite differently. K the odd job chap phoned, I had a couple of jobs for him, so he came over, we now have 2 water butts, one from the coal shed guttering and the other, a replacement from the shed guttering. Very posh. We also have 2 overflow barrels,we can drain the butts and put the water in the tow spares.

The water barrel on the coal shed guttering.

The butt on the shed. Its a long story how we came to have 2 butts, I will not bore you with the tale.

He also put the drawer front back on my bedside cabinet. So all the jobs are now done.

Its 5 pm and still stonking, at least the sitting room and our bedroom are cool. Just thinking about some supper.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Summer is here

I hate to complain, but it really is too hot, there is a light breeze which keeps it just this side of roasting.

DB has been in the garden all morning. Weeded the sweetcorn and then cut the back grass. He is about to go for his siesta.

I had the washer on as soon as we got up with the bed linen in, once it was out on the line I shoved all the towels etc from the bathroom into the washer. The first lot is dry and apart from the pillow cases the duvet cover and sheet have dried almost wrinkle free, so they are in the airing cupboard, its too hot to do the ironing, it will have to wait until its cooler.

Monday clean plus part of the Friday clean done, bed remade with fresh linen. I put lavender in between the sheets so they smell really nice, I love the smell, reminds me of when I was small.

I will be spending the afternoon reading, we are having bacon fritatta and salad for supper, its too hot for anything else.

Late last night as dusk was descending I went out and watered the whole of both gardens, they were so dry. I made a raspberry jelly with our raspberries in for dessert tonight. I noticed when I was out the cauliflowers were just showing the beginnings of the curds, so I have bent the leaved over to protect the curd from the sun. The calebrese are almost ready, I might have a go at freezing some of the calebrese florets against use in the winter.

Had a call from Brittany ferries this morning thanking us for our booking and arranging for our car to be parked close to the lift, we got a confirmation email which also has the cabin number on. I need to see if I can find the info about the cabins, and where the cabins are. We have booked 4 berth cabins both ways, we can no longer climb up into bunks. Obviously the  2/4 berth cabins are larger. They have en suites as well.

We sat out for a while but it was just too hat, so I came in and prepared the salad for supper.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Sunny Sunday

Its a lovely sunny morning, we still have the strongish breeze, but its keeping things cooler than I think they would otherwise be.

We were awake early, so our Sunday breakfast was over and done with just after 9am. DB went out into the garden, I put the washer on and then went out myself. I have started setting the little timer I have for half an hour, then I sit down for about 10 minutes and start again.

I was planting stuff that's been waiting for quite a while, at the same time digging out the weeds, mainly buttercups, which are a dratted nuisance. The soil is awful claggy clay stuck to the spade, it will take years to get the soil to a reasonable state. I made tea which we sat and drank in the garden. Starting again, there was a shout DB had over reached and fallen into the calabrese, we now have a couple of calabrese supported with stick. Thankfully apart from a small graze on his arm he is ok. We decided to pack in for the morning, might get a bit more done after he has had his siesta.

Sandwiches for lunch. We have pork for supper, our own potato's and climbing beans......just a few beans, we will soon be inundated with them, lots of flowers. Raspberries to be picked later for dessert with some ice cream.

We sat out reading for most of the afternoon, at one point the sunshade took off in the wind, so we decided to come in, it was time to cook supper anyway.

Just booked our journey to France next April, we are going for 10 days, It is 9 years since we visited Dave and Jo in the south of France. We are going to Brittany staying not far from Huelgoat. We went to Brittany in 2001 staying in a very small village near the coast. We travelled from Scotland, travelling to Plymouth from Edinburgh, we are using the same route this time from Plymouth to Roscoff overnight out and a late afternoon sailing back.

We are so looking forward to being back in France, its thanks to the new medication they put DB on last year,

Every penny is a prisoner to save the cash. We will not be reduced to baked beans at every meal, but we will be watching what we spend our cash on from now on. Food parcels will be welcome LOL.

I need to come down off cloud 9 and root my feet firmly on the ground again.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Soggy Saturday

Well it was earlier on. DB cut the front grass and I planted a couple of plants that were waiting to go in and also re-potted the acer I got from Morrison a few weeks ago.

There were plants to go in the back, but I ran out of time, so I have just put them in their pots where I am going to put them. It has started to brighten up, maybe tomorrow we will get the sun they promised for today.

Nothing much going on today, DB and his partner won their match yesterday so they are in the semi final. If he gets to the final I guess I will have to go and watch. I usually take some hand sewing with me or a book.

We have a mobile library which comes to the village once a month. We used to use it when we lived in Asfordby and know the driver quite well. It stops at the end of our cul de sac. Only 3 people use it here, DB and myself and a lady who lives round the corner. There are one or two who use it when it stops at the school. It is a very useful asset, I wish more of the villagers would use it, but I guess its a sign of the times, people do not seem to read as much. We are both lost if we do not have something to read, especially before we settle down to sleep.

We do have books in the house, ones we never mind reading again and again. I have a series of books by an American Author, Jennifer Chiaverini, all the books are based around quilting. I was first introduced to them by a quilting friend in Scotland, she lent me a book, I was hooked and over time have bought all the book in the series. We could get some of them in the Scottish Library but they do not have them down here. Jennifer has now moved on and writes about popular historical figures in American History.

DB has gone for his siesta, I am just going to check a couple of things on the web and I will be settling down with a book for an hour.

Breakfast fry up for supper tonight, we very rarely have a fried breakfast, so this is a treat for DB, he loves his bacon and eggs, I have some beans and tomato's to use up and I guess a piece of fried bread will find its way onto his plate. I bought bananas on Thursday so banana something for dessert.


Friday, 15 July 2016

For Trudie at the beginning...........

Aldi does not sell some of the things I use, they are based in Bingham which is just 7 miles away from us in one direction. I do a majority of my shopping at Aldi and we tend to go for a big shop once a month, with maybe a top up shop in the middle.

 Morrison and Lidl are based in Melton which is 9 miles in the opposite direction. We do not make a special journey to Melton. We wait until something comes up which means we are going to Melton and kill several birds with the one stone.

I keep a menu list on the fridge door, when something is getting low I put  note on the bottom of the menu list, I use this when I am making up my shopping list for any of the three shops I use.

I have just has a call from the repairs chappie at the council, it would appear that we are getting both the heating and the wet room done, more or less within an 8 week time frame. So by the time autumn comes we should be fit to go. I am so pleased......

We do have some coal left which I will use up probably before we have to put the heating on. Sometimes you just want a  bit of extra heat when you are sitting in the evening. I am so glad we did not go ahead with the wood burner.

Once the coal is used up I will get the chimney swept and then we are looking at putting an inset electric fire in where the stove was going to go. Quite a bit of research being done just now.

I have just sent for an up to date map book of France ready for our trip next year. I also need to look at booking the ferry. The 2017 prices have just come out.

DB is bowling tonight, we had fish, mash and peas at lunch time, just going to do him a ham roll, small pork pie and a scone, he probably will not be back until well after 7pm.

We have a 100 club in the village, it has small prizes, £50, £25 & £10, the remainder of the the cash goes to the local hospice and they keep so much back to pay for the over 60's tea. We joined this year to fill a space that had occurred. 

The chapel also does a lunch at Christmas for all the over 60's, it is free but they do ask for donations towards the next years lunch. Both of these are well attended. I am not sure how many over 60's there are in the village but there are quite a few.

Apart from the summer play scheme the chapel runs a group on Thursday night for the youngsters in the village, they play games, there is a snooker table, various other activities. They have a 'disco' at Christmas.

For a small village of around 500 we do very well for things to do. Several of the older ladies meet once a week to play scrabble, two groups, one on Monday afternoon and one on Wednesday morning.

The playing fields by the village hall has football pitches, Tennis courts and of course the Bowls green.

Time to go and sort out DB's early supper.


Once again the headlines in the papers and on the news tell us about Man's inhumanity to Man.

I am so shocked I really do not know what to say, for someone to plan and carry out such a cruel and inhumane act on any occasion is horrifying. To kill children is even worse. Something really must be sorted out to stop the mass slaughter of innocent people. I do not have the answer, but someone somewhere must be able to find a way to stop this awful waste of life.

My heart goes out to those people who have lost friends and relatives in this horrific attack.

Thursday, 14 July 2016


what a letter to the head of a department can do.

When we moved in last year we were told to apply to have gas central heating installed and also the bathroom changed either into a wet room or replace the bath with a shower cubicle.

In April, having not heard a dicky bird from the council. DB sent an email  to the repairs manager, which was ignored, so when we got our assured status he sent another email, it too was ignored. We tried phoning to be told he was not available. By this time my patience was getting very thin, so I put pen to paper and sent it to the department head by recorded delivery.

I had a reply saying that he had received the letter and was looking into it.

On Tuesday he spoke to DB on the phone, asking about gas in the street, yes we have gas in the street it was put in 5 years ago. He also said he was going to see the repairs manager and that the repairs manager would phone us.

Yesterday the phone rang, I answered, as soon as I knew who it was I handed the phone to DB.........we are getting surveyed for putting the gas into the house and then for the central heating to go in and the manager is coming out to see us about the bathroom.......Hurrah. at last.

I long to be able to stand under a hot shower rather than struggling to get into the bath, kneel down and wash myself and then haul myself out. DB can only just get into the bath and no way can he kneel down.........It was bliss when we were on holiday to be able to have a hot shower.

A bright day, but there are dark clouds forming, we went to the U3A this morning. A great talk by an ex TV presenter called 'the humour around us' It was excellent. On the way home we called at Morrison and Lidl to get the things from them we cannot get at Aldi, home for lunch. DB has gone for his siesta, we are going round to our friends at the back for afternoon tea when he gets up.

No housework or sewing done today.......DB is bowling tomorrow late afternoon so we will eat at lunch time and just have a sandwich and scone when he gets home.

Guess the Friday clean may not happen until Saturday!!


Some people are so rude it beggars belief.

This afternoon we went round the corner to our friends who live at the back. Their house is up for sale.

When we got there R said they had just had a big disappointment, the agents had made arrangements for a couple to view the house, they were coming from Chester and just wanted to make sure the house was as good as the agent had said. The people were due at 2.30pm. At 2.20 the agent rang to say the people were not coming, no reason given, the agent was most apologetic.

I felt so sorry for them, they were both very down, the house has been for sale for over a year. This time they really thought they had sold it.

We sat and chatted for a couple hours, drank tea and ate biscuits, they were much brighter when we left. I hope they do sell soon. R has an auto immune disease, they are desperate to get into a bungalow locally.

It turned into a lovely sunny afternoon, I have fixed up the parasol we bought in Lidl, we can now sit in the garden out of the sun.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

I Should Have Stayed in Bed

Disaster darling as CRH would say.

Decided to make scone as we had nothing to eat with our afternoon tea. All went well weighing out the ingredients.

DB came in for his morning cuppa, I then went and started to pour the liquid into the mix, Oh ****** I had not rubbed the fat into the flour and sugar, scrabbled around to get as much of the moisture as I could on one side and rubbed the fat in, then remembered I had not put any baking powder in Oh ****** into the cupboard, no baking powder, then I realised the sugar container was further forward than it should be, baking powder was behind it. Pulled the sugar forward to get the BP, sugar container fell out of my hand onto the work surface..... lid burst open,10 tons of sugar everywhere, well it looked like 10 tons. Oh ******. DB managed to scrape most of it onto a plate, Tried to put the lid on but it was blocked with sugar, washed it, went to dry it and the lid fell out of my hand onto the kitchen floor. Oh ******. Eventually got the BP into the mix, stirred it well in and started to put in the liquid, DB coughed, made me jump and the liquid went into the mix aarrgghhhhh too much,.

A very wet and sticky dough, by this time hair was being pulled out at a great rate, stuck the dough into the tin and wanged it into the oven. It either rose or it didn't, it took a couple of extra minutes to dry out the extra liquid, but they came out looking not bad, the proof of the scones is in the eating, we will see what they taste like!!

Our Community Orchard.

Hose Community Orchard marked the start of the new Millenium. It was developed and planted by people living in Hose, Leicestershire, UK, with trees sponsored by the people of Hose, for the use of the people of Hose, with financial help from local organisations and on land owned by the local Parish Council.

It is in every sense a "Community Orchard".
Each tree has been sponsored by a someone from the village. This provide enough cash to develop the site properly and the HCOA was very grateful to the sponsors. This means that there is a small plaque by each tree naming them, but it does not imply the tree belongs to them, or that the fruit is theirs: everything belongs to the community.

We found the Orchard last year, some of the trees were rather overgrown, but we did managed over a couple of visits to get cooking apples. G had stripped the plum trees as the wasps were making themselves at home. He went round the village with bags for the pensioners.

Earlier this year there was an appeal for people to prune back the trees. DB would have volunteered, but at that time he was still having dizzy spells, so not a good thing to be climbing ladders.

Towards the end of August we will be going to see if the plums are ready, some will be going in the freezer if they are.

There is a piece of land opposite the orchard which has lain fallow for a good number of years. A planning application went in to build houses on it. It was refused at first, the council wanted several changes made. It was re-submitted and passed. This has caused uproar in the village, Its a brown belt area, the road leading too it and also the roads through the village, are very narrow, it can be a problem for cars especially to get out to the main road. I think there are 20 houses going on it most of which are 'executive houses'. We understood that any planning application to build had to contain at least 2 low cost houses, no sign of them at all.

Many of the people who live in the village were born here or moved here to work on the various farms many years ago. Housing has been built, some on the site of the old steel works, others infill, or where large gardens have been divided to provide a building plot. Some of the farm buildings have also been redeveloped into housing.

If families move in it will be good for the school which takes children up to 11. but the basic infrastructure is really not enough. Yes we have a post office/shop but the shop is only really used for emergencies, it only carries a limited stock. Although some of the older people who do not have access to transport or the Internet do use it regularly. There is a hairdresser next door to the shop and then we have the garage on the main road and one pub in the village. We have never been in the pub, so really I cannot comment on that. It does, however seem to want to appeal to the higher wage earners.

Life in the village is changing.......I doubt that local people will be buying the new houses, it will be 'townies' wanting to move out of the town. I have nothing against townies myself, we too lived in the town until last year. I expect most of the occupants will be commuters travelling either to Nottingham or Melton.

The weeding of the front garden has been finished. The grass will have to be cut at the weekend if its fine and the grass is dry.


Tuesday, 12 July 2016


All prep done for lunch and also gratin prepared for supper, kitchen floor cleaned and mopped, have to keep up standards.

DB has done some more at the front garden, had to come in, it started to rain, although now 15 minutes later its cleared, came down in stair rods for a few minutes.

One of the things that goes on at the Village Hall is the lunch club once a month. We have been asked to go, but to be honest its not really our 'thing' It costs £5 each for 3 courses, I can buy the ingredients for 3 suppers for less than that. It is good though for the older people in the village who are on their own, they meet friends and neighbours and socialise. There is a raffle and usually a quiz.

I have mentioned the chapel coffee morning on the first Wednesday of the month. The numbers vary but its another good place to meet new people or chat to neighbours. We have coffee and biscuits/ cake. No charge, but we always put £1 in the tin. The cash goes towards the Christmas Lunch they put on for the over 60's. We really enjoyed last years lunch and will go again this year.

The red poppies are shedding their petals, the front border is covered, reminds me of the poppies at the Tower of London.

Our friends from round the corner, stopped this morning and asked us to go round for afternoon tea, R has an auto immune condition, so we have to be careful, if he gets a cold he can be in bed for months, need to be germ free when we go.

Doubt if I will see the sewing room this afternoon, I may read whilst DB has his siesta. I checked through my diary yesterday to make sure what I have planned for the quilting group up to the end of September, I need to get the stuff ready in a bag and labelled.

My crochet hooks came yesterday, I have started on a shawl, need another colour to go in it, so will have to go to Boyes when we got to Aldi next.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Mizzeling Monday

It had been threatening to rain all morning. sun, dark clouds, sun and a buffeting wind. No laundry, all done yesterday.

Monday clean done, sewing room tidied up fabric put away, so feeling pleased with myself. No that it will last long, I have to cut two sets of samples for coming meetings.

My new passport arrived this morning, one of the new bio=metric ones. Checked on the web last night and the fares for the ferries next year are out. Waiting to get a discount code.

DB spent the morning on his knees in the garden weeding the front again and also taking the yellow poppies out before they set seed.

When I was at my quilting friends the other week, she showed me how to start a crochet square, I am not good at crochet, but I decided to have a go and I actually have managed to do a square and change the colour. I will have to take it when I go next time and get it appraised.

It rained just after lunch, DB had gone for his siesta, I was preparing the salad for supper, decided to make potato salad with some of our potato's opened the kitchen door and the ground was wet.

The village is gearing up for the summer activities for the children. The little Baptist chapel have a couple who run a holiday scheme. The marquee goes up on the grass at the back of the chapel. If the children attend regularly at the end of the scheme they all go on an outing. 

There is talk that the marquee may well be in use for the Village Show on the green. Last year the village hall was double booked, so the marquee was erected on the green. Apparently there show was better attended and there were more exhibits than in previous years. May be its because the marquee was on the green which is more or less the centre of the village, people found it easier to get to.

I am undecided as to whether to put another quilt in, I have washed the Churn dash quuilt it is in the drawer folded up. I also have the Christmas Quilt which is only on the bed at Christmas. Its not very heavily quilted, I did it by hand, but there is always the opportunity to add more quilting later. I am going to brush up my scone and bread making skills and DB is going to have a go with some vegetables.

DB was walking back from the post office the other day when a chap spoke to him, he had seen DB about and wondered where we lived, if we lived in the village. If you pass people walking, they smile and say 'hello' which is really nice.

Supper, chicken and salad, there is some of yesterdays crumble left so thats dessert.

My niece is coming for lunch tomorrow, its a while since I saw her, she was due to come when I managed to pick up DB's cold. I put her off, she works with problem families, it would not have been fair to give her the germs and she pass them on.

Sun is out again......what a funny day......

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Its Sunday

We had our usual breakfast in bed this morning.

DB spent the morning in the garden, tying up various things, the wind is still very strong.

I put a load of laundry in the machine, its now dancing on the line. Forecast was for a bad day tomorrow.

Stoned the plums and cooked them with some rhubarb for a crumble tonight. Veg all prepped so it just needs cooking. I spent an hour in my sewing room, made a bag to check out my instruction sheet, have had to make a couple of additions, but its mostly ok. Most of the girls will be able to follow it. I plan to demo making it any way.

Its fine, sunny, we have clouds coming over from time to time, but the wind makes it feel a lot cooler.

DB brought in a few strawberries and raspberries also a lone climbing bean, I would have left it to grow a little longer.

There is a lily that has come out in the garden, I think it must be a day lily the leaves are very different to the usual lilies. The penstamon is also in bloom

This is what I think is a day lily, the leaves are all at the base and very strap like,

Pretty penstamon, I have another slightly darker one which is waiting to be planted.

Supper over, delicious.....the crumble went down well too.

The wind is still blowing a hoolie, the laundry was all dry, so its been folded and put away.

Tomorrow is another day.... we have a quieter week this week. Mt niece is coming on Tuesday for lunch and we have the U3A on Thursday. As we will be in Melton I will do the bits of shopping we need from Morrison and Lidl.

The weeds are showing their faces in the front, my back has only just got only right from the last effort, hey ho, here we go again.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Rain Again

Raining again when we woke up.

DB was supposed to be playing in a bowls match, got his early lunch so he could have a rest before he went out, phone call just after 12 noon, Match off. So he is having his siesta. The rain has stopped he says he is going out to the garden when he gets up.

I am so glad we cut the grass last week it would have been knee high if we had left it.

I shoved the Dyson over the carpet and the kitchen floor, could not be bothered to dust, as my Grand mother used to say, 'the dust will be there when you are long gone!!'

I am working on the handouts for the zipper bags for the quilting group, most of them will be ok, but my visual learner will not get it I know......I also need to work on the instructions for the star blocks for the Christmas mats/runner. I will have to make one myself to ensure the measurements etc are ok.

Email from SIL last night, so replied to that this morning, 

After the fest last week the village is quiet, our next door to the left neighbour has gone to Wales for a week with her daughters. 

I am considering having a coffee morning for some of the ladies in the village, mostly from the coffee group and a couple of others I know. I want to try and sell some of my Christmas stuff thats left over. Will float the idea and see what response I get.

No idea whats for supper tonight, I was not expecting DB to be here, so nothing planned. Might take some ham out of the fridge and make a salad. We have a banana which needs eating so that's dessert sorted.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Its Windy

My goodness its windy this morning.

We went to the garage to pay the bill, still not made up, so went back later. Almost £200 OMG its a good job we have an account were we save for repairs, insurance etc, will have to look for a really inexpensive insurance for the car. Every penny a prisoner to put the cash back, the car will need service in September and the house insurance in November.

We made it to Aldi and back, all put away. I checked the receipt and found they had charged me for coffee twice. So I have to get the cash back next time I go in.

The window cleaner has been and done the windows, I just have to sort the cobwebs at the back.

No gardening today, I have the ironing to do from the weekend, DB has gone for his siesta, so I will go and attack the ironing and then maybe do some sewing. I want to make a few more  zipper  bags and I need to sort out the instructions for the table runner for Christmas, it will have a hanging sleeve on the back so it can also be used as a wall hanging.

I have just has my renewal for the car insurance through, £235.13 which means I have to find another £60 unless I can find a cheaper quote, guess I had better get on to it right now!!


I have found a quote for £40 less plus £70 cash back, so will be going with that, just about got enough in the account to cover it. next thing will be the service in September.

I made another zipper bag, forgot to undo the zip when I sewed it together, rude words, purple mist.....

Its done!!

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Not the Day we expected

Up with the lark and away from the house before 9am, half way to Bingham the battery light came on. DB turned the car around and we came back to the garage, its the alternator. Car left for a new one to be fixed. Will have to go to Aldi tomorrow instead. Good job I still have food in.

DB spent the morning in the garden. I have uploaded windows 10 on the lap top, will see how it goes. I know some people have had a problem with it. I had to alter the settings so that the lap top did not switch off after 10 minutes if it was not being used. Which reminds me I need to reset them.

I went round to pop in a couple of books to P the new lady who came to the coffee morning, she is interested in the Amish people, I have a couple of really good books, lent them to her to read.

Bread maker on, ran out yesterday, cheese on toast at lunchtime today, gammon and salad tonight, another thick piece like I cooked last week. I have 1 egg left will do it for DB.

Its very windy today, the sun keeps coming and going, quite cool when the sun goes in.

We will have to go to Aldi tomorrow, thats if the car is fixed, fingers crossed. DB has to go round to the garage about 5pm to see if he has managed to pull it in. I cannot complain about the car, it has cost me very little in 8 years. I do put money away each month for servicing etc. The insurance is due at the end of this month, will have to do a search see who has the best offers. Service is not due until September.


Car is home, DB went round at 5pm, garage man was not there out recovering a vehicle, so we will go in the morning and pay the bill.

Amish books.....The History of the Amish - Steven M Holt.

The Amish Wedding - Stephen Scott.

Amish Women - Loui Stoltzfus.

I have also read a book by a lady who went to live with the Amish, I think for a year, but cannot remember what the book was called I was certain I had the book but cannot find it. Its called Plain and Simple by Sue Bender.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


DB off for his INR test this morning. When he got back we went round to the chapel for coffee as we do the first Wednesday of every month. There were 8 of us there this morning, so quite a chatty lot. June brought a new lady to the village who has moved in just round the corner.

Waiting for the new water barrel to be delivered due around lunch time. DB has gone for his siesta, we will have a go with the new mower when he gets up. He will do the back, I will do the front and see how we get on.

Nothing else planned for the day apart from our supper, sausages and mash.

I sent for some fabric from E bay, its not as good quality as I would like, but it will do for more of the zipper bags and tissue holders. I also got some gold Christmas fabric, I need to do a sample table runner for the group, thinking ahead to Christmas.

Fine morning, the sun keeps coming and going, the breeze makes it feel cooler.

The computer man was in the close this morning, I asked him about my Bit defender, I thought it was due at the end of this month, but its in the middle of August, need to give him a ring about 10 days before it runs out. I have to admit its very good, has saved me several times from nasty things being down loaded, I can upgrade to the latest version each year.


The grass has been cut both front and back in less than an hour!! We both had a go with the mower, so easy......DB went round and did the edges so we are all posh again, it looks so much better. I think we may have to cut the lawn every 8 - 10 days. One thing I do know is that they need some feed and weed on them, the front has a lot of clover in it as well as daisies.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Will it Won't it?

Rain that is, the clouds keep scudding over and the sky darkening, but so far no rain. I am glad I did the three loads yesterday and got it all dry folded and put away. The bed linen from Sunday is still awaiting the iron!!

DB has unwound the hose pipe and laid it to the top of the garden so he can water the cauliflowers. He also has put the membrane down under the bins which stand outside the back gate, we just have to put the slate down.

I did an audit of the two freezers. Did my menu plan for July and wrote out my shopping list. I need to restock the emergency cupboard, everything has been brought into use now. So I must restock it. We plan to go to Aldi on Thursday, Morrison and Lidl will have to wait till we need to go into town again.

Not sure where the rest of the morning went, I nipped over to see our neighbour, we have not seen the window cleaner for ages, I thought she might know what has happened. I will have to go out with a brush and get all the cobwebs down from round the doors and windows, wash down the frames etc and clean the window, they are looking very grubby.

DB has gone for his siesta, I am about to put my feet up and cruise the internet for half an hour, then I too may have a Nana nap.

Late this afternoon there was the buzz of a hedge cutter. DB went out into the garden, our next door neighbour's gardener was cutting down the laurel hedge, she was having a problem reaching across, so DB offered for her to come round and do it from our side. She also cut it back, so suddenly my damp shady border has light.

So we now have a nice tidy hedge between us and our neighbour.

Yesterday I put the new mower together, no way could I sort out how the grass basket went, the gardener did it in 2 seconds flat. We can now cut the grass and hopefully it will give us a much better cut than the old one.

I did have 2 replies about the old mower, one chap wanted to know what my best price was, I told him the price that was on the advert,£15. I am blowed if I am going to give the thing away if I can get some cash for it.