Thursday, 30 June 2016

Yes Jack is Right

I have just read 'a girl called Jack's' blog post. I have to agree with everything she long as we have 'posh boys and girls' running this Country things will never change. They only pay lip service to the grass roots people of this country.

We were talking about this very thing at breakfast this morning, The PB's just do not understand life from the perspective of the man/woman in the street struggling to bring up a family on low incomes or no income at all reliant on handouts to feed their children and living many of them in squalid conditions because A) they cannot afford anything else and B) there is no housing available. I will make no comment on this, we all know what the problem is and where it stems from.

I could go on, but to be honest I just do not have time and it would  fill more than one days blog post.

Our very basic problem in that we do not have someone capable of leading this country in any of the political parties, so the shambolic situation we are in will carry on. The PB at the treasury is playing at it, he has missed so many of the targets he said we would reach. We will never reach them until we have someone in office who has grounded experience in the financial world. Its time we stopped the poor making it so easy for the rich. Where is Robin Hood?


  1. Amen and good question. It's the same here with greedy power-hungry politicians (who need a civics class to learn their jobs) try to steal money and earned benefits from the rest of us by hook or by crook or plunder the environment. For shame!


  2. I beg to disagree. Those in charge, and I think perhaps you and Jack are referring to Prime Minister Cameron and Chancellor Osborne, have had an excellent education (perhaps that makes them 'posh'?) but they also know how bad life is for some, and through their austerity programme they have sought to bring down our budget deficit to improve matters for everyone in the country. Because they speak with what some might think of as a 'posh' voice and have been to public school and have a sizeable bank balance doesn't mean that they don't understand how hard life is for some and they have striven to make things better. Without austerity this country would now be bankrupt, make no mistake. Perhaps you've forgotten the note left by the Labour government, that there's no money left?

    1. Despite the austerity measures, Mr Osborne has missed almost every target he set for bringing down the deficit,has consistently had to borrow more than forecast, and the 'black hole' doesn't seem to be getting any smaller. In addition,in 2007, as Shadow Chancellor, he pledged that the Conservatives would match Labour's spending plans for the next 3 years. As someone whose husband works for the NHS and has seen his wages frozen, followed by a pay rise of 1% ( and 1% of not very much is a miniscule amount), and an erosion of his 'gold plated' pension which will give him 6k per year after 25 years of paying in, I beg to differ with your view that Messrs Cameron and Osborne understand how hard life is for some of us.

    2. I have to disagree - I do not believe that either has ever had to decide which bill to pay because the tax credits have been stopped because you got a £67 a year payrise, or whether to the rent or buy son new school shoes as his have split. You cannot believe that privately educated people with private incomes (2 in the case of Cameron) have any idea of reality. Their ministerial pension will more than double our joint income,and our pensions will be a fraction of that.

  3. Yes, I read Jack's post and I'm also disillusioned with most politicians - even our local councillors, who just seem to have their own importance and careers as their focal point. I live in London - and life has got progressively worse whatever party has been in power. No, we aren't all well off who live here. London's 'industry' is now primarily in financial services. So many ordinary people here, like all over the country, are on zero hours contracts. A young hardworking relative is overjoyed as he now has some guaranteed work - for 4 hours a week! (Not topped up; he doesn't claim benefits)


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