Thursday, 30 June 2016

Yes Jack is Right

I have just read 'a girl called Jack's' blog post. I have to agree with everything she long as we have 'posh boys and girls' running this Country things will never change. They only pay lip service to the grass roots people of this country.

We were talking about this very thing at breakfast this morning, The PB's just do not understand life from the perspective of the man/woman in the street struggling to bring up a family on low incomes or no income at all reliant on handouts to feed their children and living many of them in squalid conditions because A) they cannot afford anything else and B) there is no housing available. I will make no comment on this, we all know what the problem is and where it stems from.

I could go on, but to be honest I just do not have time and it would  fill more than one days blog post.

Our very basic problem in that we do not have someone capable of leading this country in any of the political parties, so the shambolic situation we are in will carry on. The PB at the treasury is playing at it, he has missed so many of the targets he said we would reach. We will never reach them until we have someone in office who has grounded experience in the financial world. Its time we stopped the poor making it so easy for the rich. Where is Robin Hood?

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