Sunday, 5 June 2016

Wot a scorcher

We have spent most of the day in the garden, sitting and pottering, it has been fabulous, we sat outside for morning tea, ate our lunch out and shortly we will be having supper outside. I washed the quilt from our bed, I will fold it up and put it away until the autumn. Also did a white wash which is dry ready to be folded.

 I pulled some rhubarb and we are having rhubarb and ginger crumble for dessert

After DB had his siesta and our afternoon tea, we went round to the chapel and raided the elderflower tree for some more blossom. I have a bucket full of cordial steeping, just need to stir it for a couple of days, strain and bottle it.

We have dome bits in the garden. DB has just sown some more basil seeds, my present plant is looking rather sad. I have tied in the clematis at the back of the bungalow and I also put the hose on the slabs and swept them.

In between times we have been reading.

A really good day enjoying being able to sit in our garden. We love the good weather when its warm enough for us to sit out. We have been known to sit in the garden on cold days with a warming cup of coffee.

I bought a chicken breast, roasting it, veg, roast potatos and butternut squash, carrots green beans and calebrese, followed with the crumble and custard.

We enjoyed a glass of shandy at lunch time and the glasses are out for a glass of rose with our supper.

Being a good girl and shading my eyes, the hat is 12 years old, made of sweetcorn leaves, bought on the market in Cahors in 2004, its a bit the worse for wear now, will be sad to see it go.

DB with his gardening sun hat on, boy it is warm, it must be the bare legs are on show.


  1. Great to be able to put faces to names, lovely photo's of you both. We have been having this beautiful weather down here in Cornwall for over a week now, gardening getting done in the evenings when it's cooler. Rhubarb & Ginger crumble, MMmmmmmmmmm.

  2. Looking good in your garden gear and I'm elated your sunny warm day allowed you two to enjoy meals in your garden several times today. Bliss!

    What say you get an elderflower tree or two for your own garden?

    Enjoy your evening!


  3. AHH how lovely to 'see' you both! Happy weekend.

  4. Sounds like a very good day for both of you. Love that you posted some snaps of the two of you.

    "I have a bucket full of cordial steeping, just need to stir it for a couple of days, strain and bottle it." amazing what you are able to do!

    Hope the good weather continues.

  5. Nice to see you ! Up here at last we see the sun too. Tho we also have the endemic cooling breeze.

  6. So lovely that you were able to enjoy a beautiful day in your garden. Must give a wonderful sense of satisfaction to sit in the sun and contemplate the beauty you created from your work together.

  7. Lovely to "see" you again - it's been ages since that meet up in Morrisons, and such a lot has happened since then! Hopefully we can get together again before too long: I have some time off in the summer that I am being hassled [gently] to take so a trip in your direction would be an interesting day out, I think! Hope you are keeping OK these days. Sending hugs xxx

  8. Yes, it was a glorious day here in Torbay, too, yesterday. Sat outside much of the day (apart from nipping over to see son and partner who live in a village overlooking the River Teign.) Thankfully, we have a large walnut tree so we have shade in summer, but the leaves are only just opening out, it's one of the late trees to have its full canopy of leaves. But then we can look forward to the walnuts in the autumn!
    Love your summer hat! Mine is much older (well, my favourite one is, bought around about 1985 or 1986 in Dartmouth) but I have a newer panama bought, again in Dartmouth, the year before last. I had another in between the very old one and the new one, which lasted 10 seasons - it was my very favourite, high crown, wide-ish brim, very traditional. Indeed, I buy men's panama hats, they are so much better than the styles designed for women.
    Margaret P


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