Thursday, 23 June 2016

Will it, won't it ------- Rain

I hope not I have 2 lines of laundry out, left the machine washing and the bread machine making bread when we went out to Bingham.

Car park was crowded with people going to vote at the Library building.  We have a postal vote and it was sent in 3 weeks ago.I Took the books back and did the few bits of shopping whilst DB parked the car. Went and chose our books.

Quick trip to Aldi and we were soon on the way home. DB thinks it had rained whilst we were out as the grass is very wet, he was hoping to cut it this afternoon. It will have to wait now.

Lots of posters up in the village about various things going on next month. 2nd of July is the annual Hose Fest, lots of things going on and I expect the beer tent will do good business, the local school is holding a fete on the same day on the village green and we have a Dolly Parton tribute group coming for a return visit. They were very popular last year. I guess we will wander along to the fete, not so sure about the fest, its not really our scene.

I had to buy a new can opener this morning, my old one fell to bits, I also get the batteries for the kitchen timer.

Washing hung out, loaf baked and I have also cooked a joint of gammon, will slice it and the bread tomorrow.

This is the red poppy  which has come out in the garden this morning, its a double, no idea where it came from.

This is the first time I have managed to grow verbascum, the plant at its base is  a heuchera sanguuinea called coral bells and behind a ruby red weigela

 A single rose on one of the old plants in the front, they will be dug in the autumn.

I did manage not to buy any more plants this morning, Aldi had quite a lot of bedding plants, I have enough thank you, so walked by.

DB is having his siesta I am back off into the sewing room for an hour or so.

Baked gammon, eggs and tomato for supper, strawberries, jelly and cream for dessert, yum yum. The strawberries have done quite well this year, they are second year plants, they flowered in pots last year, the flowers were taken off so we got stronger plants this year and more fruit.


  1. There has been so much rain, one way of being frugal might be to simply hang dirty clothes on the washing line, spray with some liquid detergent and then wait for the rain to wash it all!
    Margaret P

  2. What lovely flowers are blooming in your beautifully tended garden! As usual, your menu sounds utterly delicious, too.

    I hope you enjoyed the time in your sewing room. While next door to fix lunch, I joined the new binding strip to the loose end of the strips that are mostly sewn onto the star quilt.

    We awoke to loud thunder, lightening, torrential rain, and the electricity going off and back on all before 9a. That flicker has happened 3 times today so the computers have been off most of the time. It's just started to rain again and it's likely this rain will continue for hours.

    Wish my sewing machine wasn't next door but I can continue to cull unwanted fabrics from my stash.


  3. The mind boggles at hose fest lol,your village sounds great, lots of fun stuff coming up,it does more than a lot of towns seem to do!!
    Such beautiful flowers,the Poppy is stunning, they seed well and you never know where they will pop up!!


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