Friday, 17 June 2016

What is the country coming to?

Dreadful news last night, it really makes me wonder what this country is coming to, there seems to be something every day in the papers. I feel so sad for the two young children, left without a mother.

Friday clean done, my DB is so untidy, I keep reminding him I am not his mother picking up after him. I would leave the mess, but it drives me nuts, I like the house to look tidy. Friday and Saturday are ok but by Monday the mess has started to build up again.

Its dull, but I have a line of laundry out, fingers crossed it dries.

DB has been in the garden this morning, weeding and taking the side shoots out of the tomato's. He has to go and collect the car, its been for its MOT. I am hoping it has passed. I really cannot grumble, I have had the car 8 years and so far I have bought 4 new tyres and had to replace one of the sensors for the emissions.

I am going to spend this afternoon in the sewing room, I have a bag to finish and I also want to sort out the project for the August quilt group meeting. 

Arrgghhh DB cannot find his debit card to pay for the MOT, he is driving me up the wall and down the other side, he is always losing stuff,  if its not his driving licence, its his library card, well tough he can just look for it himself.]

Car passed its MOT, it needed 3 new bulbs, so an extra £1 on the bill. The insurance is due next month will have to start looking for a reasonable quote. The house insurance is also due.

It has been a nice afternoon, I should have put another load of laundry in, it would have dried, I will stick it in tomorrow and hope it dries.

I have almost finished the bag, just have to sew round the top and close the hole I turned it through.

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