Wednesday, 15 June 2016


It is 6 months today since Nicholas died. His workmates have bought a bench which is in their smoking shelter, in his memory. He used to spend time in there chewing the cud and putting the world to rights.

Four of his workmates along with his Brother and son carried Nicks coffin into the chapel for his funeral. The memory of those friends brought me to tears. 

We have been into Melton this morning, I needed some shopping from Morrison.

It has chucked it down with rain. DB has been out and bucketed water from the water barrel into another container, the water had formed a large puddle at the bottom of the step into the bungalow. Another trench has been dug to try and prevent more water flooding through the coal house.

Its fine at the moment, but I do not doubt that there is more rain to come. DB is picking strawberries each day, I am having to wash and dry them to get rid of the mud that has splashed up.

I did buy another plant this morning a pink and white dicentra. I am now looking for a white one. I need to get out into the garden to put in the plants and also weed the front garden again. The rain has made the weeds grow faster than ever!!


I have just been out to the garden and taken these photos.

The rose on the other side of the arch, also smells wonderful

White foxglove and purple lupins.

Comtesse de Bouchard clematis.

The clematis growing up the clothes line pole.

Heurchara and hostas in the border



The flood water by the water butt.

Flooded cabbage.

As you can see we have a lot of water about although DB says it has gone down quite a bit since we got back from Town.


  1. How thoughtful of Nicholas co-workers to purchase the bench in his memory. He must have been well liked.

    Enjoyed your garden photos and that is an amazing amount of water in the buckets and on the cabbage!


  2. Such a sweet heartfelt gesture from his friends. First birthday or any holidays are really hard to get through when a loved one passes away. And with Nick's passing being so unexpected has to make this even worse. Prayers your heartache lightens with each passing day. *hugs* Your garden is so lovely and shows all the hard work that's went into it.

  3. How lovely your garden is! That rose is exquisite. I hope knowing that your beloved son will be remembered by so many brings some comfort.

  4. We also are getting a boatload of rain. Second day of heavy rainfall. Patio looks like Lake Sweet and the road in front of our house is full. It can stop at any time, please. Ana Indiana


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