Tuesday, 28 June 2016

We Have Hot Water

Its amazing what you take for granted. Its only when something fails you realise how important it is.

We got the new immersion fitted yesterday and the water was fine this morning. The electrician discovered the solar panels had not been switch on properly, so they are now ON!! Will see how much it affects the bill. 

Its a year tomorrow since we moved in, it seems to have gone very fast.

I drove into Melton this morning, needed to do a bit of shopping, its the first time I have driven in  to town on my own since we came here. Driving to the quilting group seems to be all I have done driving wise. A gentle stroll to do what I wanted to and then drove home. I have my new passport photos and they are awful!! no glasses on and a face like the back end of the bus. Still thats what they asked for, so thats what they will get. I will post everything off tomorrow. They were very quick taking the money from my account, it went through yesterday.

Left DB cutting the back grass, I think we are going to have to look at a different mower, our little one is not coping with the grass at all, despite the strimmer have been put over it. I will have to do a little research. 

It was supposed to rain from lunch time, its still fine, so no idea what happened there.

Looks like we will have a decent amount of veg this year. We have had strawberries, the white currant bush has a lot of fruit on and so has the little apple tree. I have picked 2 lots of rhubarb and there is more almost ready.

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