Saturday, 11 June 2016

We have had enough rain now thank you!!

Another heavy down pour this morning, its stopped now and the sun is doing its best to come through.

I need to go out to the garden this afternoon and see the the rain has loosened the soil enough for me to get the weeds out in the front.

We enjoyed the fish and chips last night, it was coming up to 9pm by the time we got home. Pity about the horrendous rain yesterday.

No real plans except to maybe try and sort out the weeds in the front.

I have bacon out for supper tonight, so a breakfast fry up.

DB announced that he had a sore throat again, heaven help me!!

My friend was very complementary about the sampler quilts I took to show her, she was also delighted with the bag I made, so much so she decided she would like to buy it and has asked me to make another one as a present for a friend. I need to sort out some fabric...and get on with it, good job I am ahead with the stuff for the group.

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