Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Last night we had a heavy thunderstorm, it knocked out the power for a few minutes, very heavy rain for an hour or so; not complaining, we needed it.

Bright sunny morning, the laundry is out on the line, should be dry enough to fold and put away later.

Morning tea taken in the garden, sunscreen, hat and dark glasses. DB is weeding the piece behind the coal shed, we have a water butt to put there when the odd job man turns up. I want to use the rest of the space to store the pots, we have dozens. We will lunch in the garden too depending how hot it gets we might also have supper outside.

I have racked off approximately 4 litres of elderflower cordial. Will take a small bottle to my quilting friend on Friday.

The pink poppy, it has 9 buds on it.

One of the roses on the arch, gorgeous scent.

Our first strawberry, lots of fruit forming, we should get a decent harvest.

We have been talking about the front garden. DB gets really cross when he goes to cut the grass and finds lumps of cat poo. We are thinking of digging the plants and bulbs out, having the grass skimmed off, putting a weed barrier down and having pebbles put down. It will give us two less lawns to mow and if I want to I can plant through the membrane, although I think it would be likely to be pots.

I have two troughs to plant up with petunias and geraniums, better go and get on with it, have about an hour before I need to think about lunch.

One of my bloging followers is moving over the next couple of days, hope all goes well and you are happy in your new home. Take care, do a bit at a time, none of us are getting any younger!!


We ran out of compost this morning, so after DB had his siesta we set out for the garden centre. I did  get 2 plants, but we bought a bag of compost and another 3 bags of slate to finish off the side of the house. The piece inside the gate is now finished, we have to put down the membrane outside the gate and spread the rest of the chippings on it, so the dustbins are not standing on bare soil.

As far as we can see the Japanese knot weed has been killed by what ever they put on it, there is not sign of it, this time last year it was 3ft high. DB was using the strimmer to cut down the grass behind the shed and the coal shed.

I gave in and bought some weed killer to kill the weeds between the chain fence and the wooden fence of our neighbour.

We had a letter this morning from the council, we are now assured tenants, we have completed our probationary period and are acceptable to the neighbours!!

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