Saturday, 18 June 2016

Slow Saturday

Late getting up this morning, we did not set the alarm, its Saturday.

Load of dark coloureds done and dried.

I spent the morning finishing off the bag for my friend. Took a picture and realised the pocket moved when I was sewing it on......naughty word.

Outside of the bag.

Inside with the wonky pocket. Lining is fine calico so doubt it will ever be used inside out.

I then went on to make this, its a lined zipper bag. Not too keen on the way its made so will be trying a different method, more like the bags but with a zipped top.

DB is bowling, I am off shortly to the village hall for the over 60's tea. I will get a plate of goodies for DB as he is unable to go. I hate going anywhere on my own, find the village is very cliquey.

Its been fine all day, we have had some sun but its clouded over again. the back grass needs cutting again the rain has really  made it grow. Weeds in the front are starting to engulf the flowers so if its fine I will have to go out tomorrow and try and make some progress getting the weeds out.


Back from the over 60's tea, my village goodness they do not do things by halves in this village. Starters fruit salad, main course, quiche, pork pie, ham, salad coleslaw, waldorf and rice salad as well as green salad and new potato's. For dessert I had a meringue basket filled with cream and fresh fruit.

I nipped out to see how the bowler was doing, they were just having the speeches so I arranged that he would get a lift to the village hall. He arrived just as the  cups of tea were coming round. He got a plate of tea and a dessert to bring home.

We had tombola, everyone got something, I got peaches and cream. DB got a bag of sweeties. We have just eaten his dessert. half each with a cup of tea.

I pulled a few weeds from the front garden, they are coming out quite easily, so tomorrow I am going to concentrate on weeding the front garden. I want to change the bed linen as well, the forecast is for a decent day, so I should get it dry.

I have had an idea about the bag with a zip maybe tomorrow afternoon I will get a chance to try it out.

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