Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Rain again....sigh

It was throwing it down again this morning. The water barrel in the garden has overflowed and we have a pond on the path and the coal house is flooded again.........the piece at the back between the two sheds has standing water on it.

The chiropodist came to do our feet, so a good job done there. My nails were really ready to be done. Feet feel much better now.

It has stopped raining for now, looks as if it might brighten up, tossing up whether to put a wash load on.

No real plans for today, I might do a bit more at the bag fro my quilting friend, will see how I feel after lunch.

DB did not get a call yesterday from the hearing people, he tried ringing them but could not get through. Oh well another wasted morning. He has an appointment with the GP this afternoon, did not wake up during the night but had to take pain killers this morning.

I don't know about anyone else, but the constant football on TV is driving me insane. All the usual programmes including the news have been messed about with. In desperation yesterday we went onto the BBC news channel, all we got was the Orlando massacre over and over. We gave up in the end and watched the 'Last of the Summer Wine' programmes we had recorded. Some of the antics of those three made me laugh so much I had a coughing fit.

DB has picked a bowl full of strawberries, we had to leave some for the birds, they had started to deteriorate. We will have some with a sliced banana tonight for dessert. I am not sure what I am going to do for supper. Think it just might be fritatta and salad.

The last of the garden pictures....

More pictures of this manicured garden at the bottom was a huge stable complex with a training ring, serious money here 3 range rovers in the drive.

Lovely double clematis

These two David Austin roses smelled heavenly

Loved this stuffed border.

Vegetable garden corner

This lady needed something to cover her up!!

I think this plant might be angelica.

This was a very modernistic house pool in the garden.

At the front, hidden by the white wall which goes all round the garden BBQ area with a very stark garden behind.

Thats it folks, all the pictures for this time. Some lovely cottage type gardens and some far more stylised with large expanses of grass.

Up date:

DB back from the Drs. he has colic, I thought it was only horses and babies that got colic???? He has to keep taking the merbenvine, if it does not go or he gets extra bloated he has to go back to the Drs. Hey ho he gets rid of one thing and develops something else. he cannot understand why I get so frustrated!!

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