Monday, 20 June 2016

Rain Again

Today DB is 83!! He had his present last week, the day out at the open gardens. He also had a sapling pear tree he had asked for. Will make him a cake whilst he is having his siesta, just a  coffee sponge, no walnuts though, he is allergic to them, they and brazil nuts make his tongue swell, not

It was raining when we got up this morning, it is forecast to last until the middle of the afternoon, so no laundry done today. DB is ensconced in the kitchen at the table doing some more of his jigsaw. He has a mat that holds the pieces, he folds it up when he has finished and it stands at the side of the dresser. He was given it some years ago by the family of a friend who he swapped jigsaws with. She sadly died and they passed her jigsaws and the mat over to DB.

Monday clean done. DB has been on to the council re the emails he has sent, to which we have had no reply. We decided to go to a higher authority, I have just written a letter which we will send recorded delivery so it has to be signed for. Maybe we will get a reply from him otherwise it will be our MP. We are now assured tenants so I am not afraid to rock the boat.

I want to spend some time in the sewing room this afternoon, I want to make another zipper bag but try a different method, more like the way I make the ruler bags. 

The rain appears to have stopped, but the ground is sodden. DB tells me it is to be fine tomorrow, so I think I will put the washer on first thing.

We did not have a roast supper last night, too full after we ate the leftovers from Saturday, so I will do it tonight. I have some roast shoulder of lamb that has been sitting waiting in the freezer, will do roasties etc. Will have a trip up the garden and see if there are any more strawberries.

Several more of the pink poppies have come out overnight, I cannot understand what has happened to the leaves, they seem to have lost all their colour and flopped quite badly, will have to go onto the gardening site and see if anyone can tell me whats going on. There are still a few buds to come out.


I have received a suggestion that I should enter for the bake off. I am afraid you will not be seeing me on there any time soon, I am afraid I cannot stand Paul Hollywood, I think I might end up smashing him in the face with a cream cake. I find many of his comments facetious.

We have had rain sun and rain all afternoon. DB got caught in a vicious downpour when he went to collect some bricks. He had asked the lady in the house if they were going to use them, she said no they were going to the tip, so he fetched the car and went to pick them up. We need to make a stable base for the rain water barrel which is going onto the coal house drainpipe at the weekend. He was drukit when he got home.

I made another of the zipper bags this afternoon, I have to admit I am not enamoured with it. I will be looking at a different way of making it.

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