Sunday, 19 June 2016


we had our usual Sunday morning breakfast in bed, then I stripped the bed linen and shoved it in the washer, its almost dry flapping about in the wind, I will be taking it in shortly.

DB cut the front grass, I started on the border, weeding it, I managed to get almost to the top when my back told me to STOP!! so I did, Its amazing how the weeds have grown in that rain, hopefully we will not get any  rain next week, give me time to finish the borders off. I have a couple of plants that can go in the top left corner, its quite bare. I pulled all the dead leaves off the bulbs, after next spring I am hoping to have the cash to get the front skimmed and put pebbles down, the plants will be transferred to the back garden, to fill up that border.

We will not be having supper tonight, DB got his tea on a plate to bring home yesterday, there was some food left which we were told to help ourselves to, so I got a couple more bits of quiche and pork pie and a container of salad. There was also a piece of stilton cheese going begging, it found its way home with us. We split DB's plate full in two so we both had a very satisfactory lunch, too full for any dessert.....we will be having eggs on toast and strawberries for supper. I will cook the lamb tomorrow.

Re made the bed. DB has just gone for his siesta, I am resting my back and knees for a while then I want to go and try out the different way of making a zippered bag.

The forecast is for a better week weather wise next week, I could do with a bit more sun. Nothing spoiling so we can have a bit of a restful week, fingers crossed. Friday DD1 is coming to do a couple of jobs for us. DD2 is coming Saturday for her lunch. I have a joint of ham, I will cook and slice it, give me meat for a supper and sandwiches. I might even make a sponge cake.........years ago when we were involved with the garden in Edinburgh I used to make scones, meringues and gateaux for the two open days we had, I used to start baking for the June open day in January, I made scones and froze them, did the same with the bases for the cakes, made the fillings for the cakes and took it with me. We used to do soup and a roll and also 4 different types of sandwich fillings at lunch time. The September afternoon opening was always scones, meringues and cake. I started making those as soon as the June open day was finished. We worked for the garden for 9 years. Unfortunately it is now no longer a garden for the public to visit. It was sold by the NTS two years ago and is now a private home and garden. It is such a shame people used to come year after year.

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