Friday, 24 June 2016

Is it in or is it out or shake it all about!!

They do not seem to be able to make up their minds, latest is that the vote will need to be re taken as the margin should have been 75/25  hey ho.

We had a trauma last night. I was just going for my bath when DB went to get a bottle of sparkling water from the cupboard, next minute there was a shout, He had picked up a bottle of elder flower cordial which was fermenting, it went all over the carpet at the side of the bed and the hall carpet as I took it into the bathroom.

Two large bath towels went onto the floor and I spent 10 minutes stamping on the affected area, I was naked, as I was about to get in the bath. The hall carpet was  spot treated with some soap and water. The towels were left on the floor all night, visions of having to empty the bedroom to get a new carpet fitted went through my mind.

This morning I lifted the towels to find the carpet was more or less dry and not too sticky, Towels in the washer, I tackled the carpet with the steamer, I had to do it twice, but it seems to be ok. Phew

I did the Friday clean before DD1 arrived, we had cooked gammon sandwiches, fruit and a cuppa for lunch. DB went for his siesta, DD and I went into the garden to sort out the greenhouse, its up and at the top of the garden. We just have to fill it now.

Tea and lemon drizzle cake for afternoon tea. DD and I went through the pictures on her phone looking at wedding dresses for DGD's wedding next year.

It rained for a short while this afternoon, once it stopped DD set off for home.

I am crackered, so will spend the evening on the settee with my feet up.


  1. Oh, dear! A lovely bottle of elderflower cordial gone to waste, but at least the carpet wasn't stained and there was no broken glass to deal with. It's good your steamer fixed the carpet good as new. Neither of you needed such an upset and work-out just at bedtime.

    How lovely that DD1 could come for a visit today, help get the new greenhouse up and ready, and enjoy your lovely lemon drizzle cake with you for tea. A job well done - and yum! What fun to look at wedding dresses, too. :)

    I hope you're nicely rested after sitting with your feet up this evening.

    This morning I've continued pulling unwanted fabrics from my stash and have quite worn myself out. The pile of fabrics to sell/donate is growing and I've gained a bit of empty shelf space.


  2. Oh, and elderflower cordial is so sticky! Well done on moping it up and then steam-cleaning the carpet. I notice you did cleared up the mess when it wasn't actually you who had spilt the stuff. Perhaps DB (does that stand for Dearly Beloved?) might've lent a hand?
    Rain again ... perhaps you should do as I suggest and hang the washing on the line, spray with liquid detergent and let Nature do the rest, tee-hee! Only joking!
    Oh, I adore lemon drizzle cake - there again, drizzle ... we've rain on the brain, have we not?
    Margaret P


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