Saturday, 4 June 2016

I am deprived

of sunlight, its another grey day. We were saying last night we had not been able to have a meal in the garden yet this year, we really miss it. Supposed to get sun tomorrow, not holding my breath.

No gardening today, I told DB he has to wait until Monday, he was very tired this morning, he is on the I'm 18 not 83 thing again.

I did a bit more at the bag this morning, I want to get it done so I can concentrate on something else for a while.

Supper is cooking liver and bacon casserole. Not sure whats for dessert, it just might be banana's.

Sad to see that Muhammad Ali had passed away, it was sad to see how his health declined over the last years. 

12 months today since we signed for the bungalow, its another month till the date we moved in, a lot happened in that month, a lot of it very unexpected......still thank to the children we made it. It all looks very different now especially the garden.

5th June 2015.

Bottom end of the herbaceous border

Clematis on the old washing line post

Clematis on the back of the bungalow

Top end of the herbaceous border and the veg garden.

I am now a Great, great Aunt, baby Poppy born in Aus today. Boy do I feel old!! No piccies yet.

Time to put the kettle on almost time for DB to arise from his siesta, so kettle on and donuts on the plates, we have just 2 more for tomorrow and then not a cake or sweet thing will go past my lips. Bread is going to be difficult, I have toast most mornings and sandwiches at lunch time made from home made bread. However we shall see. Spag bol with shredded cabbage steamed is an acceptable alternative to spaghetti. Nude weigh in on Monday!!

Update, just received:



  1. You and E should be so proud of all that has been done...inside and out.

  2. Oh, what a sweeter than a wee new baby? I love her name Poppy and welcome her to the colorful world!

    How amazing that it's been a year since you and DB learned you'd been chosen for your 2 BR bungalow with it's woeful but large garden. You and he have worked wonders indoors and in both front and back gardens as the photos attest. Well done!! No doubt that the weather will soon be warm enough for you to have tea in the garden quite often. Hope so!

    It's overcast here, too, with rain last night and more possible this arvo. I have a trip to the grocery to make and a quiche to bake.


  3. Welcome to the world Poppy, you look very cute.

  4. What a dear little baby. All the old fashioned floral names are right back in fashion again, aren't they? Poppy, Violet, Rose, etc. A neighbour's little girl is Isla-Rose, which is pretty. There's also an Isabel in our Close, And also a little Etta, but I always think of that as a terrorist organization! And while girls becomes flowers, boys have similarly names from the past - Arthur, George, William, names that weren't popular when I was a girl beginning to go out with boys in the early 1960s, when they were called things like Roger, David, and Peter. When did we last hear of a little boy being called Peter?
    Margaret P

  5. The changes in your bungalow inside and out are really wonderful. Well done to the both of you.

    I think men are much worse at not accepting they are not as you say "18" any more and need to pace themselves accordingly. You do have the situation under control though so no worries.

    Enjoy that cup of tea and doughnut - much harder to drop weight as you age but I wish you all the luck in the world.

    Congratulations on baby Poppy - technology is amazing isn't it?


  6. Poppy is such a beautiful baby....congratulations. Your garden looks remarkable. Do you have spaghetti squash where you are? All you to is cut it in half and steam it and when you take a fork to it, it shreds and looks just like spaghetti. It's a delicious substitute.

  7. Blimey Anne that 12 months has gone quickly! Didn't think it had been that long - You and your Husband have achieved a lot in the garden in the last 12 months - it doesn't look like the same garden. Poppy's a beautiful little girl xxx

  8. Congrats on the results of hard work in the garden and the beautiful new addition to your family. What a gorgeous baby. :)

  9. You have done wonders with that garden, it must have been back breaking work. Now you can sit back and enjoy.


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