Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Hurrah The Blog List Is Back

Now I can read what everyone was doing yesterday!!

The odd job chap came this morning and the second water barrel is on the coal house down pipe from the guttering, hopefully we will be able now, to divert the water from the back of the coal house. 

Yes we do have a coal house, all council properties had them, some have been converted into sheds, ours has coal and logs in it for now, we still use the open fire in the sitting room. It will eventually become storage for the dozens of plant pots we have.

I also have the strip curtain up over the back door. DD1 is coming on Friday so she can put the greenhouse up, and we can get it into place at the top of the garden.

Once I had made the tea and we had a break I started on the front border again, I managed to get as far as the poppies when it started to rain, so as it was half past eleven we decided to pack in. I might go out again this afternoon when DB has had his siesta. My legs and bum are still quite sore from Sunday, oh well........

I do not have so many bad nights now, but last night was one. I was still awake at 3am. It is tomorrow I will feel it.

We are off to Bingham tomorrow to the library, get batteries for the little kitchen timer and then to Aldi for a bit of a top up to keep us going till next week.

DB worked weeding the cabbage patch and put more slug bait down. We then re netted the bed before we came in. We use bird friendly bait, but as the plants are covered in butterfly netting the birds cannot get at the slugs. I found a frog in the garden yesterday morning, almost trod on the poor thing, he hopped away to safety.

The Comtesse de Bouchard clematis at the top of the garden is full of flower, its not grown very tall, yet, hope it will reach the top of the trellis, it would be spectacular then.

The lavetera is also in flower, cannot remember which one this is, but its very pretty.


  1. Oh, you do make me scream with laughter - whether or not intentionally, I cannot decide - but the thought of a water barrel on top of the coal house sounds right out of Dickens! Do people still have 'coal houses' these days? Obviously they do, otherwise you'd not mention yours! Do you keep coal in it, or has it been turned into a bijou residence/utility room/garden room? Then talk of a "cabbage patch" and "slug bait" was Peter Rabbit on speed, har, har! I jest, slugs are no use to man nor beast ... but I suppose they supply food for birds, so we take care to use organic slug bait which, I've read, are harmless to anything other than slugs and snails.
    Margaret P

  2. "The odd job chap came this morning" probably worth his weight in gold. You are lucky if you can find one these days.

    I have Osteoarthritis in my knees and my GP suggested that I try a joint health dietary supplement. GP said helps some people so I started this week, figured it couldn't hurt.

    Best wishes for a better sleep tonight.


  3. Well done on all that's been accomplished indoor and out in the gardens, front and back. Applause for the water work done by your handyman, too. Hope these steps reroute the water so its saved for garden use without flooding the shed.

    Your Clematis and Lavetera are beautiful!

    Hope you sleep well tonight and that your aches from garden work go away.


  4. Eww slugs!!im sure there is a breed of super slug around now, and who seem imperilous to normal slug pellets, I have put some down and the plants still get munched for England! Hopefully you will sleep better tonight, I have learned to just go with it if I cannot sleep, I read my phone and if that fails to send me to sleep I get up and make hot chocolate that usually helps, pleasant dteams:)


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