Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Good Heavens The Sun Is Shining

The towels are out on the line and should dry, I hope!! there are one or two black clouds scudding over but thats it.

DB decided not to go out to the garden, we have boards down to walk on between the rows, he decided he might slip and fall as they are wet, wonders will never cease, perhaps being a year older has made him more sensible, I doubt it, but still, he is in the kitchen with his jigsaw on the table.

Not sure what I am going to do. I was not too happy with yesterdays zipper bag, so might go and have another go........I found a couple of tutorials on the net that use a separate lining, which is what I want. I will sew the strips straight onto the wadding, and then sandwich the zip between the quilted fabric and the lining, see how that works. I would like to make a bag about the size of a sponge bag for my quilting bits and pieces I take with me to class.

Fritatta for supper tonight with salad. I got a bag of cooking bacon from Lidl, when I opened it up it was a thick piece, rather like a gammon steak, I will use some of it in the fritatta and bake the rest in foil later in the week for another supper.

DB spent some time in the garden this afternoon, the towels dried and have been folded and put away.

This afternoon I made another bag, this time with the lining separate, I must admit it was not easy to sew, but I have done it, I think it would be easier with a bigger bag and longer zip.

Three bags different sizes, its the ends of the zippers I do not like, I will have to practice some more until I get it perfect, I am going to use the purple one for my sewing bits. I have had my old bag for a long number of years guess it deserves its pension.

I have no idea whats going on with blogger all my blogs I read have disappeared, they have been missing for most of the day, come on blogger put em back, I want to see what my friends have been doing.


  1. Twisted Stitcher Vonna has a tutorial online for a flat project bag. Just uses one closure, either snap, button or Velcro. Thought you might enjoy. http://tts-learntofinish.blogspot.com/ Best zipper ideas are those I have found in Lazy Girl patterns. Ana Indiana

  2. Cheers for sunshine, line-dried laundry, and those 3 charming zipper bags!

    I, too, hope Blogger puts those blog links back on the right side of your blog. What business is it of theirs what content your blog hold as long as it's not anarchy??

    Yesterday I forgot to say I think you'd do well on the Bake-off but the stress wouldn't be fun at all (for me anyway). Methinks you're wise to enjoy your home baking and giving the Bake-off a miss.


  3. I love your bags. I too had lots of trouble with my zips. I like a neat finish but they always seemed a bit off center and wonky. I hope you won't mind me posting a link. It is to a tutorial I found that really helped me solve my zipper dilemma. I love the finish. I don't know the blogger but her tutorial is very easy to follow and results have been wonderful. I found them here: http://www.ecabonline.com/2011/05/fold-over-clutch-metal-zipper.html?m=1


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