Monday, 13 June 2016


It was raining when we got up, I was awake just after 7am but went back to sleep again, it was 9 am before we made it through for breakfast.

White load of laundry put on and Monday clean done.

DB was waiting for a call from the hearing centre to see how he was getting on with his hearing aids, supposed to ring at 10.15. to the present time, no phone call. Not a happy bunny.

The weather cleared before lunch so the laundry is on the line, will stick it in the dryer if its not dry when I fetch it in.

More pictures from yesterday.

Love those foxgloves, very pale pink and white. I have some white ones in the garden, there is a lovely apricot coloured one, I would love to have one of those.

We saw lots of raised beds for growing vegetables.

A very pretty pond in one of the gardens. I might try flags in the bit of our garden where the water drains down to.

An entrance to a garden, the border was well stuffed with plants.

See the two massive hostas in this bed and the pots with smaller plants in.

More foxgloves

One of the more manicured gardens.

The other side of the same garden.

Rhubarb and foxgloves in a raised bed.

This hanging was in the village hall where we had a cup of tea and a slice of delicious coffee cake, It depicts the life of the village.

This is called the beach hut, no idea why.

This garden was another of the manicured gardens, clever to use an oval bed to entice you to walk round and further down the garden.

There are a few more photos I will publish them tomorrow, right now I am going to put my feet up and read for a while.


This time last year I was languishing in Glenfield hospital waiting to get my pacemaker, I was in for 16 days getting out just  5 days before the removal people came and started to pack up the house.

The year seems to have gone by very quickly, apart from the time over the Christmas/new year when we were waiting for confirmation of the date for my sons cremation. We do miss him so much, it will be 6 months on Wednesday since he died.


  1. Lovely, lovely garden pictures and am glad you've gotten some brilliant ideas from things you saw!

    Hope DB's phone call came early enough he didn't have to dither about it all day long.

    To our joy and surprise, today's high temperature is to be just 80*F so that will be a delightful change from the withering heat of the last few days. DH plans to put the two pork shoulders I bought on the grill to slow cook them with his most excellent barbecue sauce. They will become very delicious pulled pork for meals, sandwiches, and the freezer. Yum!


  2. Has it been nearly a year since you got that pacemaker? I hope your pacemaker is as wonderfully helpful for you as AMIL's pacemaker was for her.

    Big hugs as we remember sweet Nick with you and all who loved him, too.

  3. Such beautiful gardens. Although I think by the time yours is full it will rival easily. 6-mts. sad.


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