Saturday, 25 June 2016


Woke this morning at 7am with OH saying we have a power cut the clock is flashing.........came through and found lights etc and the stove working also the light in the hall, decided it was something to do with the power socket ring main, so rang for help. its now 12 minutes past 10 and no sign of anyone. I went into the meter cupboard, on of the switches was down, switched it up and it clicked straight off again. Managed breakfast thanks to the cooker being on the 30amp socket.

Just went through into the hall a couple of minutes ago and thought I would try again, bingo it has stayed idea what the problem was, I had previously pressed the reset button, but that did not work either. So I do think we need the circuits testing.

The sun is trying to come out. DD2 is due this morning on the 10.30 bus. DB has a bowls tournament and is out all day, he is also getting a meal tonight, so I will do myself a jacket spud with cheese and some salad.

I bought a leg of lamb at Aldi, will spike it with garlic and rosemary and put it in red wine, tomorrows supper sorted. I also got jersey royals for 49p enough in the bag for supper and a couple or so cold with the cold lamb and some salad on Monday.

No plans to do anything I am just going to relax.


Electrician came, tested the circuit but was no wiser as to what had caused the lecetic to trip.

DB came home he had decided not to stay for the buffet, so I had to have a quick trawl through the freezer, found pork casserole which I defrosted, have just done spuds carrots and cabbage, good job I had not decided to put my jacket spud on.

It threw it rain just after we had our lunch, OH said they were in the middle of a game when it started, they had to stop and go in for their lunch and continue once the rain had stopped.

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