Friday, 10 June 2016

Cloudy this morning

but it is still muggy out. The rain did not arrive, so glad we watered the garden before we went to bed.

Everything in the hall ready for our trip, will be making bacon sarnies shortly for lunch. I have 3 of the sampler quilts from the group as well as the bags I made for rulers etc.

DB was awake again in the night with gut pain, why it happen in the night I just do not know. He can take the medication for a few more days.

Our neighbour whose garden backs partly onto ours is off to stay with her son in Bulgaria for two weeks, will keep an eye on her pots and hanging baskets whilst she is away. We can easily pass the hose pipe over the fence.

Rain is supposed to happen later today, I hope it does, we could do with the air clearing.

Fish and chip supper at the bowls club, so we may be out until around 9pm. They are playing bowls first, might take a book with me to read.

I few weeks ago I bought one of those strip curtains that you hang over the back door to keep the flies etc out, they still come in the windows though. It was too long so I cut it down, need to put the hooks in now for it to hang on, will have to have the steps out, so it will have to wait until tomorrow, by which time of course the hot weather will have gone. Sods law I suppose.

Right off to do the sarnies.......

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