Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Cloudy and cooler

Its much cooler today, and quite cloudy, there is blue sky but the sun is not so bright. Its much nicer to sit out, not that I have been doing much sitting out today.

I decided to sort out the bits for the table display at the U3A meeting next week. Then decided to clear up my table and sort out some stuff. I found the ruler I was missing, I had put it in one of the pockets of the bag I made last week, phew!! that was a relief.

I have a lot of different blocks, no idea what I might do with them really, so they are all in a basket awaiting inspiration!! I also found the rest of the blocks I made when demoing the sampler, I plan to sash them in 3's and make 3 separate wall hangings. The bag I finished yesterday will also go along with the first one I made.

DB has a competition match this afternoon, so I will get a few hours respite. I need to iron the bedding from yesterday and put it away, then might play with the embroidery machine for an hour or so. I need to do a label for the quilt I washed at the weekend, its going into the village show later in the year.

Egg and wedges for supper, I need to put a loaf on, used up the last of the bread at lunchtime. Its great, put the flour etc in the machine, set it and take it out when its baked.

We had to water the garden last night, the ground was so dry, DB did the back, I did the front. We need to weed in there again. I have some plants coming up, I am not sure what they are, they look like either poppies or thistles, will have to wait and see what develops. DB will have to cut the front grass again tomorrow, it seems to have grown very quickly.

Right off to put the bread maker on, might be back later.

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