Friday, 3 June 2016


cold again but not quite as cold as yesterday. Have laid the fire for later on.

Friday clean done, I spent half an hour or so in the garden weeding, I have plants which need to be put in, managed to get one in. Despite the rain the soil is very dry.

DB was working on the veg beds putting sweet corn in, there are lettuces to go in as well, might have another go at the weeds after DB gets up from his siesta.

Nothing much going on, very quiet just now, DD2 is having to work extra this two weeks, they still have not got a manager and the other assistant is at uni for two weeks. Guess it will be another couple of weeks before we get to see her again.

We are considering our 2017 holiday, we have a place in mind, fingers crossed it comes off.

I have spent an hour and a half in the garden weeding again this afternoon, now I really am crackered, my back thinks I have forgotten it belongs to me. I really do need to get things with the quilting group that I do not have to spend so much time sorting projects for them and can spend more time in the garden, the herbaceous border was really bad and the soil is so clayey, I have had to plant most of the plants in compost. despite the horse manure the ground is still solid and in places you would never think the soil is actually dry!!

I still have to re pot the azalea, I just could not do any more this afternoon.

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