Thursday, 9 June 2016

Another sunny day

It was overcast when we got up, the sun came out as we sat in the garden having our morning tea.

The front grass has now been cut and the edges done, looks quite smart. It will be next week before the back get done.

I spent the morning doing the Friday clean early, we are off to see my quilting friend tomorrow and I need to call at Lidl on the way, so an early lunch before we set off.

Kitchen floor has been mopped and the sitting room had the dust blown about and the carpet cleaned, I had to clean a couple of marks off the carpet, think DB might have been guilty when carrying tea through, I cannot get him to use a tray, I think he thinks they are just for decoration!! He will be going for his siesta shortly, I will be on the settee reading for an hour.

Rain is forecast for tomorrow but I will have to water some of the pots tonight and the tomatos will also need a drink.

We are at the bowls club tomorrow night, its the fish and chip supper, so no cooking for me Hooray!! Sunday we are going to another garden open, a small village just over the border in Nottinghamshire. No use saying I am not buying plants, because I know I will fall foul of the plant stall. Not that there is a lot of room left in the herbaceous border. I need to steer away from pink, red and purple, we seem to have quite a lot of it.

I planted a white foxglove last year, It has put up 3 flower spikes, looking forward to it coming out. I well remember growing them at the allotment, I forgot one year to take the seed stems off before they burst, the next year we had foxgloves coming up all over the place!! I dug a lot of them up and gave them away. I have seen a very pretty apricot coloured one, it might jump into my basket one day.

The rose on the header is called 'breath of life'. it has a lovely scent. I really dislike flowers, particularly roses that do not have a scent.

Have just spent half an hour watering the herbaceous border and the pots in the garden. DB is now watering the veg. WE are forecast a shower of rain between 5 and 6am tomorrow, so we decided to water everything.

Just going to watch 'Yhe Big Build'.

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