Monday, 6 June 2016

Another Glorious Day

Its fabulous, not quite as hot as yesterday, there is a bit more breeze, but hot enough.

Bed changed,linen washed and dried. Have also done the towels, just put them out. Monday clean done, also pushed the Dyson over the sitting room floor, bits of grass.

DB finished weeding the herbaceous border for me, he has also used cut up old compost bags under the strawberries to stop the fruit getting dirty as it ripens. We have nets over them as well, keep the birds off. Looking forward to some nice jucy strawberries later in the week. DB watered the veg garden last night, I am going to have to water the border, it is showing signs of drought. It was well after 8pm last night before it cooled down enough.

Phoned my quilting friend, we are going over to see her on Friday after lunch, we are out to supper as well, its the fish and chip supper at the bowls club.

We had morning tea and lunch outside, I had to come in I could feel the sun burning my arms again, more factor 50 on.

Library bus is due this afternoon, so we can get new books to read, it comes once a month on the first Monday of the month. Once the van has been and we have had our afternoon cup of tea, I am shutting myself in the sewing room, I want to finish the bag, just have to sew it together and box the corners and its finished.

Sliced the chicken for tonights supper and made the salad, its in the fridge, there is a bit of crumble left to finish off.


Just finished a reversible bag to carry an 18 x 24 cutting mat. It has pockets on both sides.

Right side

Inside out.

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